‘Gaystapo’ Calls for Boycott of Gay-Operated Hotel for Hosting Ted Cruz Event

Nonconformity of thought, choice, and opinion will not be tolerated.

From Breitbart.

The Left’s fascist rampage against anyone who holds the same opinion on same sex marriage Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did less than two years ago, marches on. Not content to steal a man’s livelihood or a near-successful attempt to destroy a small business owner, the venomous Gaystapo is now sending a chilling warning to apostates by calling for the boycott of two gay hoteliers who hold the unapproved opinion of not-hating Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner are two openly gay, Manhattan-based hoteliers who own a gay-oriented hotel in the city and other commercial properties in the area. Both men are proof that the Big Gay Hate Machine does not represent all gays. These two men are obviously tolerant of opposing ideas and of the Christian lifestyle, which is why they held an event for Cruz this week in their New York penthouse.

On his Facebook page, Reisner wrote, “I was given the opportunity to have a candid conversation with Senator Ted Cruz on where he stood on issues including the state of Israel and national security.” He added that these are “the only places where we share common ground.” A few months ago, Reisner and Weiderpass held a similar event for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

During the event, Cruz said something that only surprised a bubbled mainstream media that works overtime to ensure it is insulated from conservatives and Christianity; that he would of course love his daughters just as much if one were to come out as a lesbian.

Although many of us who oppose same sex marriage enjoy the friendship and love of gay family and friends, the New York Times treated the event as though it were as exotic as an episode of “Wild Kingdom”:

“So the juxtaposition of Mr. Cruz being the guest of honor at a home owned by two of the most visible gay businessmen in New York City was striking. Mr. Cruz was on a fund-raising tour of New York City, although the dinner was not a fund-raiser.”

Nevertheless, despite Cruz’s not-at-all surprising tolerance and the hotelier’s longstanding support for gay rights (including the cause of same sex marriage), in the eyes of the Gaystapo, both gay men are guilty of stepping off the Progressive Plantation and engaging in the thoughtcrime of treating a conservative Republican like a human being.

For this sin, and to no one’s surprise, an organized boycott has been launched.

……Conservatives like Ted Cruz  believe that, like all people, gay people should be allowed to hold whatever opinions they wish. And that makes us more open-minded and tolerant than so-called progressives.

Some more examples of gay “tolerance”:

Mozilla CEO Brenden Eich was forced to resign after a contingent of drama queens from OKCupid, the popular online dating website, had hissy fits after it was revealed he had donated $1,000 in support of California’s Proposition 8.  OkCupid’s CEO and co-founder Sam Yagan donated $500 to Utah Rep. Chris Cannon, who opposed gay marriage. The same gay mafia who orchestrated Eich’s ouster had no problem with Yagan’s decision.  OkCupid’s action against Mozilla was a well-calculated publicity stunt, rife with the usual hypocrisy.

A leftwingnut reporter from an obscure ABC affiliate in Indiana, honed in on a business in Walkerton she knew wouldn’t cater gay weddings. The town has a population of 2000, so you know the broad went to great lengths to seek out and find one little mom and pop pizzeria in one little town that she could set up for her embellished story.  After the story hit the airwaves, the Left ran up and down the field yelling ‘bigot’! into their megaphone, and issuing death threats to the pizza shop owners.

A “protected class” like gays, think their rights trump everyone else’s. Business owners who step outside the box and disagree or state their own opinions are bombarded with death threats and hounded in social media. The Left engages in some of the worst hate speech, violence, and threats on record. They  engage in behavior  that  says more about their bigotry than the debate over wedding cakes and hotel events.

So much for tolerance.


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