Frat Boys From Emory University, University of Florida, Spit on Veterans, Desecrate Flag

I would not have been able to restrain myself. There definitely would have been a fight.

From Fox News.

Investigations have been launched at two universities over accusations that fraternity members taunted wounded war heroes, urinated on an American flag, and spit on a wounded veteran and his service dog in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The April 17 incident, involving Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members from the University of Florida and Emory University, has infuriated residents of Panama City.

“They were being treated like the Vietnam veterans were treated,” said Linda Cope, the founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat.

The local charity provides an annual all-expense-paid vacation for more than a 100 combat-wounded warriors and their spouses or caregivers. All of the expenses are covered by Panama City Beach residents and businesses.

Cope tells me the fraternity members were staying in the same resort – and caused a night of mayhem. The college kids made derogatory comments about the warriors’ wives, threw items off balconies and desecrated an American flag.

She also said one of the warriors and his service dog were spit on.

Television station WJHG identified that man as Nicholas Connole.

“They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts,” he told the television station.

There were local reports of frat boys throwing beer on veterans and ripping an American flag out of the ground.

……Reaction has been swift.

Zeta Beta Tau International confirmed that three members of the University of Florida chapter have been expelled from the fraternity and both university chapters have suspended all activities.

“There is no doubt that some of our members engaged in ugly and unacceptable behavior,” Executive Director Laurence Bolotin wrote in a statement. “Their actions have no place in ZBT or anywhere, and they will not be tolerated.”

Bolotin issued a personal apology to the veterans and their families as well as the Warrior Beach Retreat organization – calling the behavior disgusting.

“I am deeply saddened that the actions of our members ruined this special event and failed to show the respect our military and their families deserve,” he wrote.


The event brought together combat wounded veterans and included a parade on April 16 where between 8,000 and 10,000 people lined the streets. Cope said the students from Emory and UF acted dishonorably the next day.

Cope said Zeta Beta Tau students picked on the veterans, spit on them and their service dogs, and urinated on American flags.

“In all of my years, I’ve never seen such debauchery and disrespect,” Cope said.

Cope also said the women accompanying the men were equally as bad.

Congratulations, sisters. You’ve come a long way, baby.

Now, watch the contingent of leftie douchebags equate this with ‘free speech’.

I want to see the names and photos of the contemptible shit stains responsible for this disgrace.

My second thought after the urge to hit them so hard their fucking grandkids would get headaches, was to make ’em enlist.  But I have a feeling they’d be the same problem children, regardless.

The ‘kids will be kids’ attitude of some people is bullshit on stilts.  Everyone has been that age and drunk to boot. This retired Army SFC has tied one on many times throughout her life, and on occasion I still do. I can honestly say that alcohol has never given me the idea to disrespect the flag or fellow veterans.

The official website for Zeta Beta Tau.  Shame on them.

Reaction By Jeff Edwards at Unprecedented Mediocrity.


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  1. Posted by Jack Spratt on 24/04/2015 at 08:44

    Their behavior, some of it anyway, may be covered by free speech. That doesn’t make their behavior ok, doesn’t excuse their horrid behavior or make them any less than cowardly little shits with no respect. Being right or wrong and being legal and illegal are entirely different matters when it comes to free speech, as it should be.


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