Why Won’t the IRS Audit Clinton Foundation’s Tax Filings?

Not only did the Clinton Foundation accept illegal donations from foreign entities while Hillary was Secretary of State, they also pocketed a lot of the money.

From Breitbart.

When it comes to hassling and auditing tax-exempt organizations, evidence suggests that the IRS can be relentless and intrusive, particularly when an entity addresses conservative causes and has conservative donors.

So, far the Clintons have been immune from numerous scandals, crimes, and corruption, no matter how egregious.

Sixteen months ago, Nicholas Confessore and Amy Chozick wrote in The New York Times about the loose governance and financial performance of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. For example, after more than 10 years in operation, the Foundation had internal controls that were only just coming into play, while financial disclosures seemed sloppy and even misleading.

……One special focus is on how much donor money reaches intended charitable beneficiaries. A second is on whether and how those working inside and with a charity may benefit personally in ways that fall outside the notice of donors, tax authorities, other regulators, and the general public.

In the corporate world, businesses operating with lax internal controls in numerous countries that change their top executives and chief financial officers frequently; that submit and amend financial statements and IRS tax filings which still appear confusing and incomplete; and that repeatedly issue contradictory releases to the public attract intense focus by a raft of state, federal, and international regulators.

……Three days after the August 2013 New York Times story, the Clinton Foundation published what it characterized as an “Executive Summary” of work that law firm Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett conducted to “review the organization’s operations to implement more robust governance and operating procedures.”

This document, which has a date stamp of August 16, 2013, concentrates on a period from October 27, 2011 through November 23, 2011 when (Bill) Clinton and other senior Foundation personnel met to discuss the Simpson Thacher Report. It does not describe any further steps considered or taken between November 23, 2011 and August 16, 2013.

……Ongoing review of Clinton Foundation filings suggest that revenues and expenses were substantially overstated for the Clinton Health Access Initiative in audits and IRS tax forms held out as being “consolidated” for the group of charitable entities that work together under the Clinton name.

As will be shown in follow-on articles in detail, one consequence of these overstatements was to mask the degree to which overheads and group expenses ate into donations intended to go for program expenses.

If the jackboots at the IRS were just as diligent about checking into the tax manipulations and evasions of DemProg blowhards like Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel and their leftwing media tools as they are of patriotic Tea Party groups exercising their 1st Amendment rights,  the Dems wouldn’t get away with all of the shit they pull. But, we know that won’t happen.


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  1. SARG..hunny…
    I kno’ you’ve heard this b4…
    “no such thing as a DUMB kwestion”…
    welllll…that ain’t necessassurry true…’cuz dat’s a dumbass kwestion…
    if sumbuddy waz to ax sum kwestions they would wind up commitin’ sewside like vince (chelsy’s daddy) foster…
    get it???…


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