How ‘Boing Boing’ Paid Back Rightwing for Defending Them From the Leftwing Outrage Mob

From Twitchy.

As Twitchy reported, earlier today, Boing Boing took some major heat from the Tolerance Mob over a cat meme. Yes, a cat meme:


And, just as Twitchy predicted, the tweet disappeared, to be replaced by an apology (which notably featured the “offensive” graphic):

Here’s a screenshot in case they delete that one, too:

boingboing apology

At first, we felt kinda bad for them. After all, outraged lefties are a particularly nasty bunch.
But then, they did this:

“We’re so surprised that the right defended our free speech rights we’re going to irrationally shit on them.”


Protecting free-speech is a right-wing value and totalitarian PC scolding is a left-wing value. Tell us something we didn’t know.


Wherein @BoingBoing acknowledges they believe defense of free speech is “right wing lunacy.”


Apr 17

When you cater to leftist scolds you doom yourself to a life of hand-wringing apologies to the PC police. Have fun, douchebags.

Apr 17

Go crawl up your own ass. Wait. You already live there.


Apr 17
not me. I don’t defend leftists when they’re accidentally right


something about a cat and hurting tranny foo foo feelings


. Yeah we defend even our ideological opponents from event the most batshit crazy of leftist outrage mobs. You’re welcome, Ass.
Then, Boing Boing doubled down with the ‘gratitude’:


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