Chinese Contractor Working for State Department Spied on Co-Workers, Holder Refused to Prosecute

Why am I not surprised.

From Fox News.

Newly unsealed court documents obtained by Fox News show a State Department contractor allegedly was paid thousands by an individual thought to be a Chinese agent in exchange for information on Americans — but despite an FBI probe, the Justice Department declined to prosecute.

A November 2014 FBI affidavit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, shows the bureau investigated the contractor for her admitted contact with individuals she believed to be Chinese intelligence officers. The affidavit from agent Timothy S. Pappa states the translator, Xiaoming Gao, was paid “thousands of dollars to provide information on U.S. persons and a U.S. government employee.” According to the documents, she admitted these meetings took place in hotel rooms in China for years, where she reported on her “social contacts” in the U.S. to an individual who went by the name of “Teacher Zhao.”

The detailed affidavit even goes on to say the translator briefly lived, “for free,” with a State Department employee — who held a top-secret clearance and designed high-security embassies, including the U.S. compound in Islamabad, Pakistan. The State Department employee, who was not named, initially told the FBI he didn’t discuss his job with Gao, but later changed his statement.

According to the documents, Gao also told the FBI — during interviews in 2013 — that she once told “Teacher Zhao” about the travel plans of an American and ethnic Tibetan. This person told the FBI he ended up being interrogated by Chinese intelligence officers during a trip to Tibet, and a member of his family was imprisoned.

Yet the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., which oversaw the case, recently declined to prosecute, allowing the documents to be unsealed.

The office offered no further comment. The FBI also is saying nothing beyond the court documents that were filed to search a storage unit in suburban Washington, D.C. On its face, a former senior Justice Department official said the decision not to prosecute is perplexing, because the case was unlikely to reveal investigative sources and methods. “It’s not clear to me, based on the court files that were unsealed, how a prosecution of this person could possibly have compromised U.S. intelligence gathering,” Thomas Dupree, former deputy assistant attorney general under the George W. Bush administration, told Fox News. “If it jeopardizes or threatens to disrupt relations with another country, so be it. That you have to draw the line somewhere, and that we need to send a message that this sort of conduct and activity simply will not be tolerated.”

The State Department confirmed Xiaoming Gao worked for the Office of Language Services over a four-year period beginning in June 2010. This would have covered the tenures of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and sitting Secretary John Kerry.

The Chinese have been diligently spying on the United States (from within) and stealing technology for decades. It engages in cyber attacks, economic espionage, and threatening U.S. Naval vessels.

Sometimes they don’t even have to spy to get what they want. Bubba Clinton gave them classified technology in exchange for campaign donations. This was absolute treason. He and algore’s (one word) Chinese/Indonesian friends bought the 1996 “election” and in return, received classified satellite technology. Johnny Chung, a fund-raiser for the Democratic Party, illegally funneled thousands of dollars from Chinese military agents to the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign. John Huang and Charlie Trie were indicted on charges related to those crimes, but when the FBI tried to investigate, it was blocked by Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno.  FBI Investigators wanted to do a search on Charlie Trie’s home but again, were denied by Reno’s DOJ. This gave Trie all the time in the world to destroy documents which would have blown the case wide open. What few documents they retrieved, were serious enough for an indictment. Janet Reno was flat-out guilty of obstruction of justice.

The Cox Report details the technology and information transferred to China that helped further their ICBM program.

Obama’s done his part by selling taxpayer-backed A123 Systems to a Chinese company. A123 manufactures high-grade lithium batteries and sensitive materials that have military applications. He also allowed China to buy a majority stake in the US subsidiary of Bank of East Asia.

China’s military buildup has picked up speed.  American companies who do business with China  help fund it.  In turn, China arms North Korea and Iran.

China is an enemy and should be treated as such instead of having the privilege of being a business associate.  Doing business with a communist country will not transform it into a freedom-nurturing society. Permitting a Chinese national to have such unfettered access to the State Department is just plain stupid.

There will come a day when all of the money and the ‘diplomacy’ we pour into China will come back to bite us in the ass. You can bet on it.  I just hope by then that we have a President and a country with the balls not to back down. Until then, this is what we’re stuck with:

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