GOP Senate Majority Finally Shows a Little Guts, Threatens to Override Obama’s Iran Deal

From News Max.

Republican members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee cheered the unanimous approval of legislation giving Congress the right to reject any nuclear agreement with Iran — and Sen. Jeff Flake said President Barack Obama walked back his veto threat after realizing that the bill’s sponsors had enough votes to override it.

“My advice to them all along was to work with us rather than deny that Congress has any role,” the Arizona Republican told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. “Congress imposed the sanctions and only Congress can lift them permanently.

“So we always had a role, and I’m glad the White House recognizes that now,” he said.

Wolf then asked, “So, you think the White House blinked?”
“Yes, certainly,” Flake responded.

Flake was among the 19 committee members who backed a compromise bill worked out between its top two members, GOP Chairman Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin.

The vote was a sign that Congress would not back down on its insistence that lawmakers must have a say if any final deal with Tehran involves the eventual lifting of crippling economic sanctions that Congress levied in 1995. The bill is now likely to clear both houses in the Republican-controlled Congress. Obama said he would sign it.

(Obama) had threatened to veto the original legislation, but reversed his decision as news of the compromise leaked out — and Corker’s earlier remarks that he had enough votes to override any objection.

Too bad the chickenshits can’t find the courage to override the rest of Obama’s lawless, unconstitutional edicts, let alone impeach him for his crimes.

At least one Dem has broken ranks and expressed outrage over Obama’s tactics:

“I cannot image that an administration, this or any other, would go to such lengths and undermine our constitutional democracy.”

—-Senator Bob Menendez, (D-NJ)

Well shit Bob, he’s been doing it for the last 7 fucking years, and you just realized it?

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