The “Framework” Iranian Deal Leaves Em’ Dancing in the Streets

Anytime the asslifters dance in the streets, it’s never good.

iranian ragheads dance nuke deal

The premise behind this farce is that Obama will lift the sanctions when the Iranians prove their nuclear program is “peaceful”and they comply with the ‘framework’ of a 10 year moratorium. First of all, the sanctions didn’t affect Iran all that much because, like North Korea for instance, the assets and government revenue goes to the regime, not the people.

The so-called ‘deal’ involves:

A fact-sheet accompanying the announcement outlined dozens of key “parameters” the negotiators had agreed to. Among them, Iran agreed to cut its installed centrifuges by two-thirds, from 19,000 today to 6,104 — with just over 5,000 of them enriching uranium for 10 years.

According to the document, Iran agreed not to enrich uranium at its contentious Fordo facility for at least 15 years, and would not build any new facilities for enrichment for the same time period. The framework would allow international inspectors to have “regular access” to nuclear sites. In exchange, U.S. and European Union sanctions would be suspended after inspectors verify Iran “has taken all of its key nuclear-related steps.” Sanctions, the document said, would “snap back” if Iran breaches the commitments.

So, according to the ‘framework’, in about in 10-13 years the Iranians will be free to make nukes.  They are promising to be at least one year away from a bomb for 10 years, as long as it’s verified.  The problem is, they’re already this close to building a goddamned nuke anyway. After a decade of this charade they will be permitted to pick up where they left off. If you really believe that the thugs in Tehran will hold back with their weapons development and in the interim, use the uranium for ‘peaceful’ purposes, I have a big bridge in Brooklyn for sale, cheap.

In an interview with NPR, Obama basically admitted that at the end of 13 years, the Iranians could go full blast on their nukes and would not provide the international community with the promised 1-year warning should they decide to violate the deal and go for a nuclear weapon.  That created a firestorm of ‘confusion’ which Marie Harf, the State Department spokestool, tried to backtrack:

……Harf told reporters that (Obama) was talking about a hypothetical scenario in which the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) had not been enacted.

Harf asserted that while (Obama’s) words “were a little mixed up there,” he was in fact “referring to a scenario in which there was no deal,” adding that the…scenario was “more of a hypothetical, ‘well look, without a deal, this is what could possibly happen.’ He was not indicating what would happen under an agreement in those years.”

Oops. Sucks when you let the truth slip, especially when the TOTUS isn’t around.
Oh, and by the way: “Death to America”!!, which the Obama regime insists is just for domestic absorption.
It’s pretty bad when France calls you a surrender monkey.
The only way to stop Iran from continuing its march toward a nuclear bomb, is to take out all their facilities with bombs of our own. Much of their nuclear facilities and centrifuges are below ground, so bunker busters would do the trick.

Deal or no deal, Iran will still race toward building a nuclear bomb, threaten Israel, and export terrorism.

Obama’s willful stupidity makes this all the more embarrassing.



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