Texas Town Halts Creeping Sharia

Background: A contingent of muzzie shitbags decided to form a “tribunal” in the town of Irving, Texas, to implement Sharia Law as part of  their little enclave.

That didn’t go over too well with the local folks who object to a violent ideology hellbent on creating a new  Caliphate.

Good for them.

From BizPac Review.

Cheers erupted in the city council meeting room in Irving, Texas, last week as the city passed an ordinance to make sure foreign laws would never replace Americans or Texas laws – but the city’s Muslim activists weren’t happy.

That’s because the 5-4 vote supported a proposed state law that was inspired by the establishment of a Muslim tribunal in Irving that supporters say is meant only to help local Muslims use Islamic laws to settle domestic disputes, but critics say is the first step to getting Sharia law implemented in Texas..

“The elephant in the room in that it’s the anti-Sharia bill,” one activist told the local CBS station.

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne is an outspoken opponent of the Muslim tribunal and the possibility of Sharia law in the United States, but stressed during Thursday’s council meeting that the ordinance did not mention Sharia by name, or any other religion.

The point, she said, was that American and state civil laws reign supreme – and no foreign law has standing.

“Respect the, obey them, embrace them,” she said.

I would have gone father and said: “If you muzzie zealots want Sharia and Islamofascism, go back to your home countries. If you’re a muzzie convert, join them.  This is the United States of America, not an Islamic satellite .”
Islam is diametrically opposed to every Constitutional principle on which this country was founded. Under the muzzie point of view, Sharia Law trumps all other laws. It’s meant to overtake and replace all Western civil, criminal, and government jurisdiction. The founding principles of this country did not hinge on a violent ideological theocracy that advocated the deaths of those who didn’t hold the same religious beliefs. What the hell are any of them doing here?  They have no damned business being in this country.
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  1. Posted by John Egbert on 27/03/2015 at 12:04

    It is worry making that the council vote was 5-4. Should have been 9-0 against muzzie invasion. What happens the next time this measure is brought up? And make no mistake, it WILL resurface as soon as proponents think they have a chance to get it through.


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