Idiot Parents Let Kids Use Vietnam Women’s Memorial as Jungle Gym

Nothing like teaching your children disrespect for veterans at a young age.

Those parents should be slapped.

From The Army Times.

A photo taken of two young girls playing on the Vietnam Women’s Memorial has sparked outrage online, particularly among veterans.

The picture appeared on Reddit and then a Fox News affiliate picked up the story.

brats climbing on vietnam women's memorial

The photo also shows an elderly man who came to visit the memorial. He can be seen in a wheelchair wearing a “USS Emmons” ball cap. The Emmons was destroyed by kamikaze pilots off Okinawa during WWII. Sixty sailors lost their lives.

The Vietnam memorial was designed as a tribute to women who served in Vietnam, most as nurses. It depicts a nurse helping a wounded soldier. Dedicated in 1993, it sits a couple hundred feet from the Vietnam Memorial on the northwest side of the Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool in Washington, D.C.

This is the memorial, without the brats:

vietnam women's memorial

The man who snapped the photo, Matthew Munson, told Fox 8 that the children’s parents had encouraged them to climb on the memorial for a picture. Munson said he snapped the picture when he noticed the veterans who showed up. Munson said the vets “looked hurt more than angry” as the kids treated the memorial “like a jungle gym” and their parents laughed. He said the veterans looked past the kids toward the parents.

Many on Reddit have eviscerated the parents. Some stressed the mass casualties in the Vietnam War, and demanded a sense of reverence for those who had lost.

Many also suggested kids could just as easily climb a tree or play at a park.

“This is the Nurses Memorial. I’m an Army Vet and a nurse. Only an asshole would let their kids climb on a memorial like it was a jungle gym,” a commenter wrote.

There were some who actually thought it was cute and equated it with ‘joyful, carefree childhood’ and that veterans fought so that ‘kids can be kids’.

Whoever thinks it was cute, has a shit factory for a brain. There are parks with monkey bars and other things for ‘kids to be kids’. I and my fellow veterans did not fight so that children could use a veteran’s memorial for a damned playground.

What’s next? Rappelling off the WWII memorial?  Hopscotch through the Korean War memorial?

That’s not the proper way to honor the fallen.




4 responses to this post.

  1. SARG…you crusty ol’ sojur…
    my granpa won the war to end all wars…for the dumbasses out there WW-I…
    my ol’ man won the battle in the pacific…agin fer the dumbasses out there WW-II
    unkle jim fought in korea…
    me, I got kicked outa viet- naaaaaam…so I guess I come from a long line of warriors too…
    soon those battles won’t be taught in the American skool system…
    wanna kno’ why???…
    it might O F F E N D a fuckin’ liberal mooooooslamb!!!…
    keep this in mind…the loss of our young warriors is in our hearts and minds…those of us that served will never forget…
    those memorials are just so much metal and granite…no heart or mind attached…
    you my crusty sojur are my shipmate…heart, mind and boobys attached…so I will keep my own consul about the way MY worl’ werks…
    squeezes an’ smooches…jc


  2. Posted by sfcmac on 30/03/2015 at 08:25

    Sorry, but we’re on opposite sides on this issue. The “non-declared war” in no way diminishes their sacrifice, and the “kids will be kids” crap is an overused excuse for bad behavior. That memorial is for somber reflection and respect, not playground equipment. Many members of my family have served this country in peace and war. My mother would have beat my ass beet red if I had pulled something like that. You know I served in both Iraq wars, and I can promise you this; if I live long enough to see an Iraq/Afghanistan memorial built and I ever witness the kind of shit those parents allowed, you’d be reading about this crusty old Soldier in the papers. Guaranteed. Manners have to be learned. I don’t blame the children, I blame the parents.



  3. SARG…hunny…
    kids wanna be kids, what is wrong wit’ them climbin’ all over A N Y memorial???…
    if they were doin’ damage then it’s a problem, otherwise…………………
    the memorial is to remind the living vets what W E did, wit’ the scars I have from our rumble in the southeast asia jungle I sure can’t forget…I stayed off the “WALL” an’ visited it one time, never again do I need to be reminded…
    as for the “fallen”…they no longer care…
    an’ a shit factory for brains???…c’mon SARG…stop actin’ like a LIFER, it’s someone else’s turn…maybe in a decade or so you youngsters of this crap fest of a non declared war will get your memorial…an’ I’m glad you stayed off the wall that will honor your generation of young warriors…
    I served…honorably…an’ bled for my nation…and we gave up, turned tail an’ slinked back under the porch…soon to be repeated…
    we have lost the will to win since WWII…let the kids play…jc


  4. “Lest We Forget Lindsey Stone”

    Gahh!! This topic is a fireball upon social media websites right now, and I am disgusted at the thought of actual other parents with their honest opinion that this is okay. Because you know, they are only children. Children without a clue. Children without proper instruction to what being respectful is all about.

    What’s next? Cemeteries?? Are they going to crawl and climb all over graves?????


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