This is one day of the year where we people of Irish descent let everyone else be Irish too.

In America, we celebrate with lots of beer, food and parades, as they’ve done in Ireland since (finally) 1997. America had its first parades in the 1700s.

st. patrick's day march on o'connell st. in dublinSt. Patrick’s Day parade, Dublinst. patricks day clevelandSt. Patrick’s Day parade, Cleveland


Irish cuisine is so much more than corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, so here’s a couple of links to websites that celebrate Irish food, as well as information about St. Patrick and Irish history and traditions.



An Irish Toast:


maxine st. patrick's day


Erin Go Braugh!


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  1. may yer cup never run over or ever be empty…
    hugs an’ smooches from yer favorite sailorman…jc

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