Internet Has Fun With Radical Muzzie Thug

Anjem Choudary  is Britain’s most rabid Islamic shitbag.  He and his contingent of jihadists  murder British soldiers in the streets and bomb civilian transportation. For allah, of course.

From ebaumsworld.

After the recent attacks in Paris upon the Charlie Hebdo publication’s headquarters, some islamic leaders are taking a less than compassionate stance toward the victims. And the internet won’t stand for it.

The above photo on his Twitter page is a bit different from the former Anjem Choudary. Seems the old boy was quite the party animal:

anjem choudary party animal2

anjem choudary party animal3


anjem choudary party animal4

After he dove headfirst into bat-shit crazy Islam, this is what he became. Notice the quotes on drinking and women:

Anjem_Choudary_ quotes

The folks on the internet had some laughs at the expense of the goat-smelling asslifter:


anjem choudary mooned by Fry


Isn’t he lovely?

anjem choudary makeup earings and US flag lapel pin

Fuck Anjem Choudary.  The fetid Islamofascist camel jockey should be used for target practice…with a .50 Cal.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Unless they admit this reality they will never know the truth that would set them free of the bondage they are in.Regards.


  2. Posted by sfcmac on 31/01/2015 at 18:10

    Apparently, muzzies think so. Their koran proscribes that they kill infidels, and hate Jews and Christians, so it’s just another act of violence in the name of their religion.


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  3. Did any prophet say.”if anyone insults me kill him.”?


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