The Dhimmi Suck Up Continues: General Dempsey’s Essay Contest to Honor Dead Saudi Despot

Unfuckingreal. You just can’t make this up.


The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has established a research and essay competition in honor of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz hosted by the National Defense University.

The king, who died Jan. 23 at age 90, oversaw the modernization of his country’s military during the time he spent as commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, a position he held from 1963 until he became king in 2005.

Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey said the essay competition is a fitting tribute to the life and leadership of the Saudi Arabian monarch.

……Dempsey first met Abdullah in 2001, when he was a brigadier general serving as the U.S. advisor to the Saudi Arabian National Guard. “In my job to train and advise his military forces, and in our relationship since, I found the king to be a man of remarkable character and courage,” Dempsey said.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Frederick M. Padilla, the president of the National Defense University, welcomed the opportunity to challenge future students while honoring the late king.

“This scholarly research competition presents NDU students with a unique opportunity to focus their research and writing efforts on relevant issues at the intersection of U.S. security interests and the Arab-Muslim world,” he said.

Here’s mine. It won’t win the contest, but I guarantee it’s the most truthful, accurate one they’ll ever get:

“Modernization, remarkable character and courage”, are definitely not part of Abdullah’s history.

King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz came from a long bloodline of royal despots destined to rule Saudi Arabia as long as they can procreate, which doesn’t seem to be a problem considering Abdullah was one of forty five sons of the founder of Saudi Arabia, and they all have multiple wives.

Obama and the generals think of new ways to  kowtow, apologize, prostrate themselves, and grovel to every Muslim zealot within earshot simply because their 7th Century sensibilities were offended. Meanwhile, the Saudi government  not only finances the Islamic war against the West, but it provides ideological indoctrination of the terrorists that carry it out.

Its major export is jihad.  Fifteen of the nineteen terrorists who attacked America on 11 September 2001, were from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a backwards, Islamofascist, terrorist breeding, oppressive, misogynist theocracy.  Their human rights record is riddled with beheadings, brutal persecution, and imprisonment for not towing the Sharia line. Women are treated as chattel and face institutionalized abuse.

While General Martin Dempsey fretted over Reverend Jones’ Koran-burning demonstration because it might have offended Muslims, he totally ignored the fact that Saudi Arabia makes bible burning an annual event. Criticism of Saudi Arabia’s persecution of Christians is totally void from official government diplomacy.

While Dempsey and the gutless wonders in the E-ring ordered the scrubbing of any “anti-Islamic” material from training manuals, and have busied themselves with removing any vestiges of common sense and warrior ethos from the United States Army, the Islamic-inspired enemy is killing us.

Saudi Arabia, who despite what some people think, is not our friend.

Every Islamic nation-state fosters terrorism against Western civilization. There are no ‘Arab allies’.

The idea of writing an essay to ‘honor’ a despot is what passes for leadership in the current crop of military leaders.  I am not surprised.


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  1. dipshit demsey an’ buttlicker mullet have the same tutu taylor…an’ they share a butt plug…


  2. Posted by John Egbert on 26/01/2015 at 20:31

    Spot on as usual, Cheryl. If memory serves, the Grand Mufti of Arabia in the 1930s (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) was real buddy-buddy with Adolph Hitler and worked with him to spread NAZI-ism and foster the “Final Solution” to Judaism. Things have gone downhill since, following the overthrow of the Mufti by Ibn Saud. They have never been our allies, are not now our allies, and never will be our allies.
    Like the French, the Saudis are always there when they need us . . . all the while keeping an eye out for another opportunity to stab us in the back.


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