Barky’s 2015 State of the Union

Like always; he’s the same corrupt, arrogant, disdainful, narcissistic sociopath.

A summary of the bullshit:

Obama urges civility, then immediately taunts:

Obama spent much of Tuesday’s State of the Union calling for civility in politics — then taunted Republicans over his two election victories, after many of them applauded the looming end of his political career.
Obama issued a broad call for “a better politics” that began with common principles, and said his agenda isn’t political, pointing out “I have no more campaigns to run.”

The mutherfucker has campaigned for the last 6 years.

Obama had ticked off partisan proposals he wanted to see, and threatened vetoes of bipartisan bills Republicans are trying to pass.
……Obama, who punctuated his declaration that his campaigns are over by saying, “I know, because I won both of them.”

The SCOAMF also promised to veto any attempt to increase sanctions against Iran and pushed for higher taxes as if the average American citizen isn’t being screwed enough.  Last year he sent a secret letter to the thugs in Tehran, telling them that he’ll look the other way while they produce WMDs as long as they help fight ISIS. Iran is one of the major participants of terrorism in Iraq  and around the world. Good going, Barky.

Well, we won the last two consecutive mid-terms, with the 2014 result of a House and Senate majority. If the GOP has any guts, it will override every fucking veto you sign.

Knocks ‘Constant Fundraising,’ Asks for Donations:

“I’ve served in Congress with many of you. I know many of you well. There are a lot of good people here, on both sides of the aisle. And many of you have told me that this isn’t what you signed up for – arguing past each other on cable shows, the constant fundraising, always looking over your shoulder at how the base will react to every decision.
Imagine if we broke out of these tired old patterns. Imagine if we did something different.”
Then, almost immediately after the speech ended, Obama emailed Democratic supporters to ask from money:
“I hope you’re excited about the agenda I laid out tonight for 2015,” Obama’s email read. Now it’s time to get to work. Let’s go — make a monthly contribution to support Democrats now…”

The Anointed One quotes himself:

During his State of the Union address, Obama recalled his glorious 2004 speech in Boston at the Democratic National Convention that nominated Sen. John Kerry for president.
“You know, just over a decade ago, I gave a speech in Boston where I said there wasn’t a liberal America, or a conservative America; a black America or a white America — but a United States of America,” he said recalling his background as a young man coming from Hawaii to a political career in Chicago.

This is coming from one of the most racist, divisive, leftwingnuts ever to hold the office.  He and his pals in radical black political groups, have done everything they can to incite a race war. Al Sharpton makes his living exploiting race riots. The leftwing media, Eric Holder, the racially-biased corrupt Attorney General, and B. Hussein Obama, never miss an opportunity to give lectures on the “legacy of racial discrimination in this country” while they selectively ignore the black on white hate crimes and the crimes perpetrated by blacks on each other in their own communities.

Obama is still trying sugar coat his foreign policy shit sandwich. He stood there with a straight face and claimed that the advance of ISIS is being stopped, Afghanistan is hunky dory, we have a ‘broad coalition’ of allies, praised the brutal communist regime in Cuba, and patted himself on the back for releasing muzzie cutthroats from GITMO back to the battlefield.  Nothing on the fact that the practitioners of the ‘peaceful religion’ of Islam and the threat they pose to Western civilization.

He also skipped over the massive national debt and the welfare crisis.

Obama used a former Democratic staffer as a political prop:

The woman whose story of economic recovery was showcased by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address is a former Democratic campaign staffer and has been used by Obama for political events in the past.

Rebekah Erler has been presented by the White House as a woman who was discovered by the president after she wrote to him last March about her economic hardships. She was showcased in the speech as proof that middle class Americans are coming forward to say that Obama’s policies are working.

Unmentioned in the White House bio of Erler is that she is a former Democratic campaign operative, working as a field organizer for Sen. Patty Murray (D., Wash.).

This also wasn’t the first time the White House used the former Democratic campaign staffer as a political prop. Obama spent a “day in the life” of Erler in June so that he could have “an opportunity to communicate directly with the people he’s working for every day.”

Reuters revealed Erler’s Democratic affiliations following that June event, and the Minnesota Republican Party attacked Obama for being “so out of touch with reality that he thinks a former Democrat campaign staffer speaks for every Minnesotan.”

When you can’t drudge up a single person who can vouch for  Obamanomics, you grab a tool and put them on stage.

They can’t even pander to illegal aliens with proper grammar.
Spanish Translation Riddled With Spelling, Grammar Mistakes, Incorrect Translations:

You don’t have to speak Spanish to realize the subtitles for President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night went horribly wrong.

Bloggers at Latino Rebels immediately noticed the closed-captioning was not only laden with spelling and grammar mistakes, but flew past the screen, requiring extreme speed reading skills to catch it when it actually made sense.

The translation was a mix of all caps and lowercase letters, with many words repeating, and some translations simply incorrect.

Too bad they didn’t use the same guy who signed for the deaf at Mandela’s funeral.

That would have been icing on the cake.




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