Leftards Go Ballistic Over ‘American Sniper’

The film American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, is the account of Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL sniper, who killed 160 muzzie excrement with deadly accuracy.

It’s been picked up for several Oscar nominations, including lead actor for Bradley Cooper and best picture of the year.

The leftwingnut contingent in the media, political arena, and Hollywood are going apeshit with hate, venom, slurs, and rabid rhetoric. In other words, it’s just another day in their world.

They took to social media and labeled Kyle a “coward”, “psychopath”, “racist”,  “sociopath”, and “mass murderer”.

One of the worst shitbags on the Left is Max Blumenthal,  senior writer for Alternet.org.  His contribution to the hatefest:

Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal

@LoveFor714 @rpgirl27 John Lee Malvo, another mass murdering sniper, would not be glorified on prime time.

12:52 AM – 26 Dec 2014

Blumenthal is the same douche bag who thinks Toby Keith’s “Beer for My Horses” is an “ode to lynching”.

John Lee Malvo was a muzzie convert who murdered 10 people in Washington D.C. for Allah.  That’s the Left’s standard practice; equating a military hero who targeted and killed the enemy on the battlefield with a serial murderer who shot innocent American citizens for Islam.

Killing muzzie cutthroats before they can kill American troops is against their morals. The Progs in the media, universities and politics share an abject hatred of the military, the country, fighting wars against their ideological comrades, the flag,  and any remote gesture of national pride.

Yeah, we get it.

No hate for the muslim shit stains who blow up people and things up in the name of  “Allah”, and who want everyone bowing to Mecca five times a fucking day.

Selective moral relativism is a leftwing trait.

All this is coming from a population of degenerates who look at Barky Obama as a role model.

An added bonus: The delicious irony of the American Sniper‘s success at the box office. It has grossed $109 million (and counting). 

John Nolte writes in a column at  Breitbart:

Anti-American films are costly box office bombs at a rate of nothing less than 100%. On the flip-side, pro-American films make money. Many are outright blockblusters. Moreover, almost every the anti-American film produced over the last decade has also been an artistic failure, while many pro-American films have garnered positive reviews.

Let me boil this down for the leftwing-impaired: Lies make for lousy art and can’t be sold to the public.

He goes on to compare anti-American, anti-military movies like In the Valley of Elah (2007), Syriana (2005),  Lions for Lambs (2007), Redacted (2007), and Body Of Lies (2008), which performed badly with the public and lost millions, to the more successful pro-American, pro-military films like Zero Dark Thirty (2012), Act of Valor (2012), American Sniper (2014), and Lone Survivor (2013),  which have raked in a combined total of $400 million.  The 18 anti-American movies made during the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, “flopped at a stunning 100% rate: $300 million — or a measly $16 million per.”

I hope American Sniper wins every Academy Award it’s nominated for.  The leftwingnuts will have grand mal seizures.


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