More Embarrassment: Kerry Brings James Taylor and Big Hug to France to Make Up for U.S. No-Show

A day late and a Euro short.  This is supposed to make up for Obama’s absence from the unity rally against muzzie terrorism.

From Fox News.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting top officials in France to express America’s solidarity with the French people after last week’s deadly terrorist attacks.

Kerry was seeing French President Francois Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Friday morning before laying wreaths at the sites of the two attacks. Kerry, who said he was coming “to share a big hug with Paris,” will then join the mayor of the city at an event that is to include a short performance by musician James Taylor.

Kerry’s visit comes amid lingering criticism of the Obama administration’s failure to send a cabinet-level official to Paris for last week’s unity march that attracted some 40 world leaders and more than a million demonstrators.

Taylor sang (what else?) “You’ve Got a Friend”. And Jean Le Pouf Kerry gave Hollande a big hug and a smooch for good measure.

kerry and hollande smooch

But no talk about actually fighting and killing the muzzie terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo and commit world-wide atrocities in the name of their violent theocracy.



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  1. Kerry is a jerk!!!!!

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