Wow. A Western Leader Finally Speaks Out Against Islamic Terrorism

A Canadian, no less.

From The Blaze.

A day after terrorists killed a dozen people in Paris, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper held a press conference in the town of Delta (a suburb of Vancouver), in British Columbia.

Speaking publicly for the first time since the tragedy, Harper did not mince words, telling Canadians, “The fact of the matter is this, ladies and gentlemen, that the international jihadist movement has declared war.” Adding, “They have declared war on anybody who does not think and act exactly as they wish would think and act.”

A very calm Harper talked about the radical islamists waging war on “a whole range of countries with which they are in contact.”

“And they have declared war on any country, like ourselves, that values freedom, openness and tolerance,” Harper continued.

Speaking forcefully, Harper reflected the sentiments of many in his country, stating, “We may not like this and wish it would go away…But it is not going to go away.”

“And the reality is, we are going to have to confront it,” he added.

Harper’s comments were a reminder to Canadians that they are not immune to terror attacks like the one in Paris.

……The prime minister wrapped up his assessment of the situation by stating, “This is going to be, unfortunately, the reality of the world that I think we’re living in for some time to come. And we’re just going to have to face that head on and deal with it.”

Harper certainly has more guts than Obama and Holder, who always has a stock answer that Islam is just misunderstood and that the terrorists who are doing exactly what Islam proscribes, are ‘corrupting the faith’.

We can only hope that the next administration in D.C. will not be enamored with the enemy and has the guts to call it Islamic terrorism.

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