Charlie Hebdo Gives Muzzies Middle Finger, Will Lampoon Mo-ham-ass in Upcoming Issue

Good for them.

From Fox News.

A special edition of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, produced after last week’s newsroom massacre, will reportedly feature caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

A lawyer for the publication told French radio that this Wednesday’s issue will “obviously” lampoon the Prophet — among other figures — to demonstrate that its staff will “cede nothing” to terrorists who wish to silence them, Sky News reported.

Islamist terrorist brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi, opened fire on the magazine’s Paris headquarters last Wednesday, killing 11people in revenge for previous Muhammad caricatures printed in the magazine. The two then killed a police officer outside the magazine’s offices.

According to Sky News, 1 million copies of this week’s Charlie Hebdo special “survivors’ issue” are to be published. Many of the copies will be made available outside of France and the latest edition will be offered in 16 languages.

If they do something like this, the muzzies will really get their turbans in a wad:

Translation: “Love is stronger than hate”

charlie-hebdo-cover muzzie and charlie hebdo kissing

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