Report: FBI, DOJ Want to Prosecute Petraeus for Allegedly Providing Classified Information to His Former Mistress

I wonder which lowlife in the Obama regime pushed for this.

From Fox News.

FBI and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against former CIA director David Petraeus…

The paper, citing “officials,” said the charges related to Petraeus allegedly providing classified information to his former mistress.

If true, Attorney General Eric Holder would then have to decide whether to seek an indictment against Petraeus. Holder originally had been expected to decide about charges by the end of 2014.

……the Justice Department investigation stemmed from an affair Petraeus had with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, and whether he gave her access to his CIA email account and other classified information. Petraeus, a retired four-star general, has said he never provided her with classified information.

Let me get this straight. Obama disclosed operational secrets to his Hollywood pals (Zero Dark Thirty) to masturbate his ego over the SEALS mission that got Bin Laden, and no one brought him up on charges. As a matter of fact, the investigators from the Inspector General’s office were themselves a target of a probe because they got too close to implicating Obama in his own crime.

Of course, being targeted by Obama’s flying monkeys depends on who you are.

Timing is everything. Now that there’s a GOP majority in both houses of Congress, and investigations into scandals like Obama’s and Hillary’s Benghazi disaster are going forward, Obama wants to use this as a diversionary tactic.

Petraeus’ exit from the CIA had nothing to do with his extra marital affair. The FBI investigated the incident for  months without so much as a fucking whimper.

Petraeus lied to the House Intelligence Committee about Benghazi when he fecklessly mouthed Obama’s talking points, blaming the Al Qaeda-coordinated attack on a ridiculous video.  He thought the Obama regime would keep the affair quiet in exchange for his perjury during his initial testimony. He parroted the bullshit party line like a good little PC General, and they screwed him anyway. My guess is that he resigned because Congress announced it would yank him back  for  another round of testimony and ask him some pointed questions about the huge discrepancy between his version of the attack and the facts.

His extra marital liaison, Paula Broadwell,  absconded with classified documents, which were found in an FBI search of her home. Not good.

And to make matters really interesting, Jill Kelley, the woman who dropped a dime on Gen. Petraeus’s mistress Paula Broadwell, which got the ball rolling on an FBI investigation into the affair, had her own extra marital affair with Gen. John Allen, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

This clusterfuck has yet another character. An FBI agent identified as Frederick Humphries, who was involved in the investigation, was taken off the case because he became so enamored with Kelley that he sent shirtless photos of himself to her.

Apparently, these two vixens mesmerize every man that catches their eye….and other parts of their anatomy.

In the great current scheme of things, I couldn’t care less about the bedroom habits of Generals and their mistresses. Not that it isn’t a scandal of integrity and ethics, it’s just that the philandering between these four people is a tabloid distraction from Obama’s serious economic and foreign policy disasters. These indiscretions pale in comparison to the crimes, lies, subversion, and rotten malfeasance in Obama’s corrupt regime.   And especially in Eric Holder’s DOJ.

The average American can’t grasp the importance of discarding useless bullshit and focusing on the actions of government officials that affect their lives and the direction of this country. They’re easily manipulated and distracted. Obama’s reelection is concrete proof.



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