Journalist’s Message to Muzzie Terrorists: ‘You can’t shut me up’

From Fox News.

…… columnist Claire Berlinski witnessed the immediate aftermath of Wednesday’s terror attacks in Paris. The following is excerpted from her column…

“The assailants are as yet at liberty. I hope they’ll be dead by the time you read this. But if not:. You want me too? Come get me. Because nothing short of killing me — and many more of my kind — will ever shut us up.

And if you don’t believe that now, you’ll believe it very soon. Because there are more of us willing to die for that freedom than those of you eager to take it from us. And soon you will find out that those of us willing to die for that freedom are also much better at killing than you.

So come and get me. Je suis Charlie.

And have a good long look at the cartoon below. Because you may have been able to kill its authors, but you sure didn’t kill what they created. And nor will we ever let you.


Translation: If Mohammad returned: I am the prophet, fool!  Shut your trap, infidel!

There are things I’m not allowed to say on Ricochet. But if I were allowed to say them, this is what I’d say–though I’d add a few other words.

Go ahead. Make my day. Because you’ve got no idea what we’re capable of when we are pushed too far. And you are more than pushing your luck.”

Her challenge of ‘nothing short of killing me will shut me up’ is admirable, but I prefer this philosophy:

general patton on how to fight a war




2 responses to this post.

  1. too bad there will never be another…
    we are left wit’ fookin’ cowards, scumsuckin’politicians, an’ nicecleanarticulateniggrahboyfromkenya shitbags…an’ stinkin’ fookin’ mooooslambs out there molestin’ our goats…

    WE’S DOOM’D…
    WE’S FUCK’D…

  2. We should be celebrating Charlie Hebdo…I want t-shirts with ‘I am Charlie’ on the front and ‘Stand for Liberty with Claire Berlinski’ on the back.

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