Breeding the Next Generation of Muzzie Terrorists

they blow up so fast

From Breitbart.

Supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) have continued to use social media accounts to promote indoctrination of children by faithful jihadist mothers. Recent trends seem to indicate a higher use of imagery of little girls wearing Islamic State gear and supporting the terrorist “caliphate.”
In one example, an account known to support the terrorist group congratulates a family on their daughter and claims the family will soon be full of Islamic State soldiers. The newborn baby wears an Islamic State beanie on her head.

……The increasing use of girls as representatives of the Islamic State’s jihad follows the release of a parenting guide titled “Sister’s Role in Jihad,” in which women are instructed to indoctrinate their children into a life of jihad “when they are babies.”

These are examples of how muzzie shitbags train their kids to be good little terrorists:

muzzie kids terrorist bombers

Posted Image





Aren’t they adorable? Just wait until they’re old enough to become pilots.


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