Obama Blames His Underestimation of the ‘JV’ ISIS on the Intel Community

He declared that ISIS was just a minor league nuisance and in a lame attempt to cover another one of his epic fails, he blamed Bush.  Now, he blames the intelligence community.

Every time he fucks up it’s someone else’s fault.

From Fox News.

Obama acknowledged Sunday that U.S. intelligence officials “underestimated” the threat posed by the Islamic State and overestimated the Iraqi army’s capacity to defeat the militant group.

The president said in a wide-ranging interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” that the Islamic State militants went “underground” after being squashed in Iraq and regrouped under the cover of the Syrian civil war.

“During the chaos of the Syrian civil war, where essentially you have huge swaths of the country that are completely ungoverned, they were able to reconstitute themselves and take advantage of that chaos,” Obama said.

The president said his director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has acknowledged that the U.S. “underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.” He also said it was “absolutely true” that the U.S. overestimated the ability and will of the Iraqi army.

However, Obama also acknowledged that the U.S. is dealing with a conundrum in Syria, as the U.S.-led military campaign against the Islamic State is helping Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom the U.N. has accused of war crimes.

“I recognize the contradiction in a contradictory land and a contradictory circumstance,” Obama said. “We are not going to stabilize Syria under the rule of Assad,” whose government has committed “terrible atrocities.”

Intelligence officials never “underestimated the threat posed by the Islamic State and overestimated the Iraqi army’s capacity to defeat the militant group.” They gave Barack  Numbnuts  Obama detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of ISIS as part of his daily briefing for at least a year before the group started its rampage. The only intelligence failure is his.

Maybe the mutherfucker was daydreaming about his next trip to the golf course.

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  2. Posted by buttneckid on 03/10/2014 at 13:05

    I can’t wait for the nice clean articulate niggrahboy from kenya to blame W…
    fook ‘bama


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