Say it Ain’t So: Ferguson Teen Who was Shot Dead by Cop Committed Robbery Just Minutes Before

UPDATE: Brown’s homie Dorian Johnson, who was there when he was shot, had a warrant out for his arrest, for larceny.

From BizPac Review.

Shortly after Friday’s press conference, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released a surveillance video of a convenience store robbery perpetrated by the teen who was shot by officer Darren Wilson.

The robbery took place approximately ten minutes before the fatal shooting, according to reports.

An attorney for Dorian Johnson, the man who was with Michael Brown when he was shot, confirmed that the suspects in the video were Brown and Johnson.

Jackson announced, in a second press conference, that Wilson, the officer who shot  Brown, was not responding to the robbery, and didn’t even know Brown was a suspect.

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Such a fine, upstanding member of society, that Brown. When the cop showed up, Brown thought it was because of the robbery. The 300 lb, 6’4 Brown attacked the officer and was shot.

All kinds of crimes are committed in Missouri, Ferguson is no exception. The white victims of crimes by blacks have yet to riot. Maybe they should throw a few Molotov cocktails the next time the “knockout” game gets popular, or when a white person is killed or attacked during a hate crime.    As a matter of fact, race-based hate crimes by blacks on whites has spiked in D.C. White people need to take to the streets and ‘burn, baby, burn’.

The local cops were replaced with state troopers who just stand by and watch as the thugs loot, vandalize, and riot.

They’ve also threatened reporters for recording their crimes.


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