Obama’s Political Media Tools Fret Over His Orwellian State

My, my. With all the Constitutional violations of individual and civil liberties, where would we get the idea that there’s an Orwellian state? This is coming from the same slobbering asskissers who deified him and helped install him into the White House.

Karma sucks.

From a column at Time Magazine.

……After resigning as the press secretary for President Obama on June 20, Carney gave insight into the Obama administration’s handling of classified documents, and responded to criticism that this administration has been the most Orwellian in recent history.

“I know — because I covered them — that this was said of Clinton and Bush, and it will probably be said of the next White House,” said Carney in a recent New York Times Magazine interview. “I think a little perspective is useful…It is a serious, serious matter to leak classified information. Some of the debate around this kind of forgets how serious that is.”

It was serious when Obama leaked classified information to his Hollywood pals about the SEAL mission to get Bin Laden, but the liberals thought that was just swell.

But, it could also be the changing nature of the relationship between the media and the White House. At a recent event at the New America Foundation, journalists and historians challenged Carney, arguing that this White House has been more secret than previous occupants.

“Increasingly, the Obama White House has become so brittle, and so controlling of the message, that people are afraid to respond to me,” said Kimberly Dozier, a former Associated Press reporter. She was one of the journalists whose phone records were obtained by the Department of Justice last spring during its investigation into a leak of classified information about a failed Al-Qaeda plot. The scope of that investigation, some critics said, was unprecedented overreach.

According to ProPublica, the Obama administration has filed eight cases under the Espionage Act, which criminalizes disclosing information harmful to national security. Before the Obama administration, only three known cases had ever been charged under the act.

But some say that the crackdown by the Obama administration is not due to an extraordinary effort, but rather due to advancements in surveillance.

……as both the news industry and surveillance technology continue to evolve, the White House will have to work harder to determine which offenses merit harsher tactics – to balance national security interests with respect for the Fourth Estate.

Ah yes, the Forth Estate; which usually functions as the Fifth Column.

Obama once sent an email to an MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ broadcast, on the air, and demanded a correction of a particular comment involving an exchange between Obama and ABC’s Jake Tapper.  ‘Morning Joe’s’ response: “Yes, Dear Leader”.

Remember JournoList? It was a leftwing journalists’ email club who conspired to promote a pro-Obama agenda. After they and their group were discovered, they quickly disbanded.

Media Matters, a leftwing organization run by mentally unstable David Brock, was exposéd by Tucker Carlson from the Daily Caller.  Tucker’s investigative series revealed (surprise) a collusion between Media Matters and the Obama White House.

The incestuous relationship is used in an attempt to squelch criticism of Obama’s hubris, and crimes and scandals including the New Black Panther voter intimidation, indiscriminate NSA surveillance, IRS  targeting of Tea Party groups, the DOJ’s hacking into reporters’ emails and phones,  Fast and Furious gunrunning,  and  abuse of executive powers.

The MSM refuses to cover Obama’s malfeasance; choosing instead to minimize the publicity and blame the Right, Fox News, and other Obama critics for the audacity to point out that Obama is a SCOAMF.

The main stream liberal media was so in the tank for Obama, they became part of his campaign wing. And now, some of them have buyer’s remorse, but not enough to call for his well-deserved prosecution.

Enjoy the next 2 1/2 years, liberals.  You’re being devoured by the very monster you created.




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