New IRS Chief Admits Lerner’s Hard Drives ‘Trashed’, ‘No Apology Necessary’

Let’s see….commit a crime in violation of the 1st and 4th Amendments, lie about it under oath, and tamper with evidence….so when is the fucking prosecution????

From Gateway Pundit.

There were audible gasps in the room today when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress that Lerner’s hard drive was tossed out. Koskinen testified before the House Ways and Means Committee today on the IRS conservative targeting scandal.


Get the emails from the servers and read them aloud at the next Congressional hearing.  These government thugs break the law, violate the Constitution, and openly thumb their noses at the American people.

ENOUGH. It’s time to frog-march the fuckers to an 8×10 cell.


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  1. SARG…my olive drab sweety…
    there is not a smidgeon of corruption not on’y in the IRS but the entire halfricans administration…
    you’re just a bigoted racerist…
    that’s why you’re our pinup gir’ in peek toed combat boots…xoxoxo


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