Hillary: ‘Benghazi Security Not My Problem’

Proving once again she’s the consummate scrunt.

Diane Sawyer just interviewed the Hildabeast about her ‘Hard Choices’. Apparently, acting like a responsible Secretary of State was just too fucking hard.

‘Not my expertise’:

Sawyer asked, “Is there anything you personally should have been doing to make it safer in Benghazi?”

“Well,” Clinton responded, “what I did was give very direct instructions that the people who have the expertise and experience in security –

“But personally you –”

“Well that is personal, though, Diane. I mean, I am not — I’m not equipped to sit and look at blueprints to determine where the blast walls need to be or where the reinforcements need to be. That’s why we hire people who have that expertise,” Clinton responded.

“I wonder if people are looking for a sentence that begins from you, ‘I should have, I should have,’” Sawyer responded.

And besides, Stevens was there ‘of his own choosing’.

No, Hillary. Chris Stevens was assigned there as an ambassador.  You failed to pull him and his staff the hell out of there and refused his urgent requests for help.

Blaming Stevens for his own death is vile, disgusting, reprehensible, and par for the leftwing course.

Sawyer was way too easy on Hillary. Here’s the questions she should have asked:

Who gave the order to stand down?

Who sent the drone to be used as a voyeur instead of a counter-attack weapon?

Who in the State Department made the decision to pull out three Mobile Security Deployment teams in August of 2012, telling the embassy to “do more with less”?

Who kept refusing to send extra security to the embassy?

Who exactly in the Obama regime went to all the trouble to scour the bowels of the YouTube library for an obscure video to blame for what was part of the muzzie rampage that had been going on for 21 months?

We already know the answers.

Obama denied outright an urgent request to send more security to the embassy. He lied about what he knew, and his flying monkeys tried to squelch Fox News investigative reporting surrounding the attack.

Here’s a link to a video of Fox News reporter Bret Baier reading (at about 06:45 into the video) the emails from Ambassador Stevens to the State Department, one of which is just 4 hours prior to the attack. Each one was a desperate plea for more security in the face of growing terrorist violence in the area.

Obama and Hillary showed nothing but depraved indifference from the first sign of trouble to the horrible aftermath.

The blame and accountability rests squarely with a bunch of lowlifes who are more concerned with saving their own political careers than owning up to the shit they’ve done.


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