Filthy Harry Reid to ObamaCare Victims: “You’re All Liars” (UPDATED)

Filthy Harry wants all you cancer patients and unfortunate people who lost your health insurance thanks to ObamaCare, to know that you’re just lying. All of you.

From The Heritage Network.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) gave a speech on the floor of the Senate…about “plenty of horror stories being told” about Obamacare and said that “all of them are untrue.”  He then went on to specifically target claims made by the Koch brothers claiming they were trying to “buy America” through groups like Americans for Prosperity.

Yeah, it’s all the Koch Brothers fault that the Obamacare Frankenstein is an epic fail.

It couldn’t possibly be that it’s a toxic law that will increase family premiums by $3000, hike taxes on the Middle Class, create death panels, and will cost an estimated $1.8 trillion annually.

Oh by the way, ObamaCare is so fucking wonderful that Harry exempted himself and his staff from the consequences.

Drop dead, Harry.

Update: Apparently, there are liars in all 50 states:



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