Unhinged Journalism Professor: ‘Tea Party Had Roots in JFK Assassination’

This doesn’t surprise me. Libtards hate facts getting in the way of a good history revision.

From the Washington Times.

There was no Tea Party in 1963, but the Tea Party must have had its roots in Dallas in 1963. That, anyway, is the conclusion of a bizarre column in the Washington Post by Bill Minutaglio, a left-wing journalism professor at the University of Texas.

Liberals cannot be trusted with government nor should they be trusted with history.

Over the last few days, as America has remembered the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the left has been working overtime to rewrite the history of the times.

The left makes villains of those it hates. It hates the Tea Party, so somehow the Kennedy assassination was the Tea Party’s fault.

Facts are confusing things for liberals. Kennedy’s assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald did not want to start a Tea Party. He was not a Republican or a follower of the Founding Fathers. He did not walk around with a Constitution in his back pocket.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a full-fledged Communist.

Oswald found America so objectionable that he left America, tried to renounce his citizenship and moved to the Soviet Union. He eventually moved back to America where he founded the New Orleans chapter of the “Fair Play for Cuba Committee,” A pro-Communist, pro-Castro group.

If you listen to the left wing media, Kennedy was a martyr for the liberal cause. If you listen to the left wing media, Oswald was driven to kill Kennedy by the hatred and intolerance that pervaded the Dallas air and animated the people of Texas. They fail to mention that Kennedy carried Texas in the 1960 election.

The Washington Post was not the only paper pushing the propaganda that Kennedy was the victim of rightwing hatred. The New York Times in its opinion pages told the same story, with a bizarre rant called, “The City with a Death Wish in Its Eye.”

Even Sunday’s USA Today featured a selection of sermons preached by Dallas Ministers. They were almost all liberal ministers who parroted the liberal line that “intolerance” killed John F. Kennedy.

……The circumstantial evidence in the Kennedy assassination is pretty compelling. Oswald was a Marxist and had been aligned with pro-Communist groups working on behalf of Castro’s Cuba. Kennedy had stood against communism, against Castro, and had forced the Soviet Union to back down in the Cuban missile crisis.

As the author mentions, Oswald was a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist. He first tried unsuccessfully to assassinate former Army general, Edwin A. Walker, who was a fervent anti-Communist. Oswald wasn’t exactly enamored with the Constitution either. Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto were more his style. After becoming disillusioned with the Russian communist utopia, he moved back to America where he immersed himself in pro-Communist, pro-Castro causes. He was as far from Republican/Tea Party values as you can get.

Minutaglio is on par with other leftwing moonbats who make a living rewriting  history to suit their hatred of patriots who oppose the out of control socialist autocracy occupying the White House, and who want elected officials to honor the Constitution they swore to protect.

In the world of leftie journos, inconvenient facts have to be changed to fit the narrative.

The Dems have quite a racist history to contend with, and they’ve done everything to deny, coverup, and revise the chronicles of their bigotry. The Ku Klux Klan served as the terrorist wing of the democratic party for decades. Their blatant racist comments and  behavior always gets a pass from the main stream media.

Kennedy biographer Burton Hersh glossed over Teddy’s lifelong scandals, ignoring the ugly truth about Teddy’s crimes.

School textbooks are edited to whitewash communism and push Islamic propaganda.

The History Channel collaborated with socialist wackjob Howard Zinn, to produce a Karl Marx for Kids program, replete with the evils of capitalism, the virtues of Marxism, and his own mangled version of American history.

Annie Leonard, ‘Sustainability Workgroup Coordinator’ at the Environmental Grantmakers Association put together a ‘capitalism and America are bad’ film for kids, titled “The Story of Stuff”.

Northeastern Illinois University attached a plaque to the outside of their Center for Inner Cities Studies, which claimed that Abraham Lincoln was  a Democrat.

The holidays are always a special time for leftwing radical malcontents. A LeftProg college professor at the University of Texas at Austin calls Thanksgiving a “white-supremacist holiday”, while Obama’s USDA says that the pilgrims were “illegal aliens”.

Their ability to project noxious animosity on everything from peaceful Judeo-Christian holidays to absurd alterations of established history, is matched only by their weapons grade stupidity.


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