Leftards Wail and Threaten Gov. Scott Walker After Recall Victory

Almost immediately after Scott Walker held off the union thugs to win the recall election, the MSM and the Left went into a grand mal seizure.
Walker won by 8 percentage points over Democratic challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, an even bigger victory than the one he got over Barrett two years ago. Liberal morons and (ahem) certain illiterate ethnic dumbasses flooded Twitter with “kill Scott Walker” death threats.

The leftwing hacks at MSNBC aren’t too thrilled either.

Ed Shultz, one of MSNBC’s most bat-shit crazy hosts (and that’s saying a lot) belched his displeasure by insisting that Walker “could very well be indicted in the coming days”.  Indicted for what, only the screeching voices in Ed’s head know for sure.  He went on to blather the Obama meme that Wisconsin voters are “clinging to their guns and religion”. Damned Tea Party. They just can’t let go of the Constitution and the idea that unions should be held accountable for their corruption and crimes.

If this is a preview of what will happen in November, as many pundits have suggested, then Romney should pull it out.

Here’s a very entertaining crying jag from an anti-Walker protester:

ROFLMAO!  His mascara ran. What a mess.

I have a newsflash for the little pussy;  democracy took a big hit when B. Hussein took office.  We are taking our country back. Just wait until November. He’ll be a sobbing wreck after Romney wins.

All of the union violence, hatespeech, and fringe-dwelling extremists,  couldn’t stop democracy in Wisconsin.


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