Ed Klein on the Amateur in the White House

Ed Klein has written a book on Obama which runs the gamut from his background, to his radical ideology, his narcissistic incompetency, his association with Jeremiah Wright, Michelle Obama’s behavior, and his contentious relationship with the Clintons. It’s an interesting train wreck, to say the least.

From Ed Lasky’s review of the book at American Thinker.

Edward Klein’s new book on Barack Obama, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, is a withering portrayal of a radical adrift, in over his head, drowning in his own incompetency — while being weighed down by a small circle of “advisers” who are compounding the problem of the Amateur in the White House.

 ……As all of America knows by now, Obama has aggressively sought to “fundamentally transform” America — one of the few promises he has kept from the days of 2008.  Five trillion dollars of borrowing, ObamaCare passed over the objections of the majority of Americans through legislative legerdemain and special deals made with resistant politicians, failed stimulus, green programs failing left and right as taxpayers are left holding the bag, a recovery that is the most anemic on record, an America that has been sundered by the man who promises to unite us, America weaker abroad and at home — yes, America has been fundamentally transformed.  Mission Accomplished.

But how and why did Obama succeed in such a catastrophic way?  That is the question that Klein successfully answers in his extremely readable and enjoyable book, with enough spicy details to satisfy the craving of anyone interested in how …Obama and those closest to him have driven us to the condition we find ourselves in as we approach November.

One of the motifs that runs throughout the book is Barack Obama’s sheer level of incompetency.  He has the fatal conceit of many politicians: an overweening ego.  That may be a prerequisite for politicians and leaders, but when it is unleavened by a willingness to consider the views of others, it becomes a fatal conceit.  And Obama has that trait in abundance.

……On issue after issue, …Obama remains his insular self, refusing to seek counsel or input from others with more experience.

……Critics believe he has made a mess of foreign policy precisely because not only does he have a dearth of experience in this area, but because, under our system, foreign policy is one of the few areas where a president enjoys almost unlimited power.  Thus, he is free to formulate his own agenda regardless of the views of others and the damage these policies cause.

When pro-Israel Americans met with Obama to discuss his actions toward Israel (that many, including myself, view as being counterproductive) he dismissed the ideas of Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League, with the statement “you are absolutely wrong.”  The president, who has no compunction telling people that they are not only wrong, but “absolutely wrong” in public, needs to start feeling some of the empathy he accuses Republicans of lacking.  According to veteran journalist Richard Chesnoff, quoted in the book, “Obama’s problem in dealing with the Arab-Israeli conundrum” comes “from his one-man style and his inflated view of his own leadership talents[.] … [P]erhaps, even more egregiously, he seems to have an exaggerated sense of his own depth of understanding of the Middle East, which is simply not borne out by his background or experience.”  There may be more to it than that to explain the pressure he has put on our one true ally in the Middle East, Israel. American Thinker published numerous articles in 2008 covering not only Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Junior’s views of Israel as an apartheid state, but Obama’s associations with anti-Israel Palestinians in Chicago, his own suspect language regarding Israel, and his close relationship with Samantha Power (now playing a key role on his National Security Council), who not only has a long anti-Israel history but also made an anti-Semitic remark that was smothered by the media in 2008.  There were good reasons for the Los Angeles Times to run a column during the campaign that “Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Obama.”

As for Obama’s record, everything (and more) that I predicted at the beginning of this SCOAMF’s  time in office has come true. 

Anyone who studied Obama’s personality, Marxist philosophy, and background would have understood that he is totally unfit to lead a Democratic Republic.


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    You’re very welcome! Keep coming back.


  2. A thousand apologies, Cheryl!!
    In that case, you get double points for including SCOAMF.

    And you have my undying gratitude for your service.
    Glad I started following.


  3. Posted by sfcmac on 22/05/2012 at 16:51

    Thanks for the nod of approval! BTW: just for the record, I’m female: https://sfcmac.wordpress.com/about/



  4. Solid post, sir.
    Extra points awarded for including SCOAMF in it…………


  5. Posted by off the reservation on 20/05/2012 at 00:12

    If you can, pull up some of the documentaries of World War II. In particular, the ones where Bonito Mussolini. Here is one site that shows the two:


    then there are these:

    There are striking similarities in the performance.


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