Weiner Packs up His Cape and Tights, and Takes His ‘Large’ Self to Rehab

The delusional ‘Super Hero’ Anthony Weiner (D-NY), is going to check himself into treatment for his extramarital online sexting with at least 6 women, including the Twitter photo of his crotch. The scandal that erupted over his cyber infidelity hasn’t deterred at least one fan–the fifth sexting partner, Traci Nobles, a Pilates and Zumba instructor.

The arrogant turd still doesn’t possess the decency to resign, insisting that he’s trying to “redeem” himself.
If you have to go to rehab to acquire character and integrity, it’s a good chance you don’t have any redeeming qualities to begin with.

A timeline of the Weinergate scandal.

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  1. Posted by Dan in NYC on 12/06/2011 at 02:13

    With that pillar of rectitude Charley Rangel as his mentor what else is there to expect? A phony baloney choked up “confession” and of course treatment for his “sex addiction” and he’ll be all shiny and new – till next time..

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