Quote of the Day

Rush Limbaugh’s response to Obama’s fret over conservative radio:

If I can be made to serve as a distraction, then there is that much less time debating the merits of the trillion dollar debacle.
—Limbaugh in the New York Post.

More: http://www.nypost.com/seven/01262009/news/politics/limbaugh_slams_obama_152128.htm

Newsflash, Obama: If the GOP had  listened to people like Limbaugh, Huckabee or Hunter would be in the Oval Office, not you.

As for the other end of the spectrum, the teetering network Air America doesn’t have the same influence among leftwing radicals as say, the New York Times, WaPo, and MSNBC, but ironically it’s not helping. Fox News’ ratings are consistently above the MSM networks, and the Grey Lady is in deep financial shit. Obama’s media hacks did their job and helped get him elected. We’ll see if he bails them out, too.

With all of the leftwing dominance in the broadcast and print media, it’s reassuring to know that a few conservative commentators like Limbaugh, Beck, Schlussel, and Hannity can wreak so much havoc in the world of liberals.


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