Update on The New Republic’s ‘Man in Iraq’

UPDATE 29 June, 2009
I received correspondence from Mrs. John Hatley (in the comments).

UPDATE 18 April, 2009

Hat tip to Jonn at This Aint Hell:

1SG John Hatley, the senior NCO of fabulist Scott Beauchamp’s unit, was convicted yesterday of the murder of four Iraqis and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

The full story behind the shooting, and why:


The frothing moonbats will see this as ‘vindication’ for Beauchamp’s wild-assed tales, (picking on disfigured women, wearing a child’s skull on his head or running over dogs with a Bradley) even though he fully admitted  he lied.

His behavior was a disgrace and in no way reflected on the bravery, dedication, and honor of his unit. Beauchamp was and is a punk. His recant came after he succeeded in feeding maws of the anti-military/anti-war moonbats. I also had correspondence with Major Kirk Luedeke, the Public Relations Officer, who explained Beauchamp’s antics in detail.

1SG Hatley’s squad did not go into a village and select unarmed civilians for a summary execution. They chased down four armed terrorists who fired at them; capturing them as well as finding their weapons cache. In retrospect, they should have saved themselves the trouble and killed them on the spot.

The leftwingnuts are dancing a jig over a rare (albeit trumped up) conviction, when as I’ve mentioned, 99.9% of the accusations leveled against American troops fall flat either before they get to trial, or as a result of acquittals.

Case in point: John “the troops are cold-blooded murderers” Murtha made that accusation against the marines who fought at Haditha. They were exonerated.

Here’s another example of overzealous prosecution and subsequent exoneration:


You can expect a flurry of ‘justifications’ for Janet Napolitano’s moronic “threat assessment” on returning war veterans.

The worst thing about this is that American troops who fight so valiantly in the region of the world that breeds the terrorists who attacked this country, will now have to worry about doing what it takes to accomplish the mission and being prosecuted for doing so.

The consequences of releasing Islamic terrorist combatants from GITMO and other points of custody, is that they pick up where they left off.  The Left has more of a problem with us fighting Islamofascists hellbent on a world Caliphate, than they do with what it takes to stop them.

Whether you like it or not, 1SG Hatley’s actions saved the lives of Soldiers by stopping those terrorists dead in their tracks. 

I had initially removed the First Sergeant’s contact information from the post, because there were concerns over privacy issues. Until this matter with Beauchamp was resolved, he needed to be able to conduct the investigation without too much distraction.

I think enough time has passed, and Beauchamp’s fraud has been exposed enough to go ahead and include the e-mail from his First Sergeant:

This is the ISG’s email response:

SFC McElroy,

I’m not in the habit of answering these email’s. It would be far too many. I appreciate all the support from home and I can assure you that not a single word of this was true. We’ve been fighting this fight for quite some time. Numerous soldiers within my unit have served on several deployments and this is my third year as a First Sergeant in this unit. My soldiers conduct is consistently honorable. This soldier has other underlining issues which I’m sure will come out in the course of the investigation. No one at any of the post we live at or frequent, remotely fit the descriptions of any of the persons depicted in this young man’s fairy tale. I can’t and won’t divulge any information regarding this soldier, but I do sincerely appreciate all the support from the people back home. Again, this young man has a vivid imagination and I promise you that this by no means reflects the truth of what is happening here. I’m currently serving with the best America has to offer. I have worked and fought closely with every soldier within my company and they are consummate professionals in an area most people can’t fathom. I’m proud of my soldiers and would gladly give my life for any one of them. Please continue to keep them with you in your prayers and thank God that we have these courageous men willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Americans, and the people of this struggling nation.


1SG Hatley

There’s also several responses from Beauchamp’s outfit that can be found here:


The comments include a concise refutation of Beauchamp’s allegations from Major Kirk Luedeke, the Public Relations Officer, as follows: (USED WITH PERMISSION)

I’ve been watching the events on the New Republic’s “Scott Thomas” piece with interest. As the 4th IBCT Public Affairs Officer- I can tell you unequivocally: there was NO mass grave discovered in this area of operations in conjunction with the building of a coalition outpost anytime in the past 12 months. None. Zero. Zip.

…..We are not in the business of suppressing his right to free speech…on the contrary- he’s free to submit whatever he wants, so long as it doesn’t put others at risk for operational security (OPSEC). Of course- by putting his name on such outlandish claims, he then has to account for what is clearly a series of false statements. So- obviously- it is left to reasonable people to decide who is telling the truth here.

….. Just about every Soldier these days has his or her own digital camera or video camera. Talk to anyone here- every unit down to squad level in our brigade is *required* to have a camera on every mission. It’s all part of being prepared for such a discovery. Surely- there would be photos of the skulls and mass grave if it truly existed, would there not? The reason there isn’t any photos, is because simply- the story isn’t true.

…..I know that if my organization claimed to have unearthed a sizeable cache of hundreds of explosives, rockets, nitric acid and other key components to make roadside bombs, otherwise known here in these parts as a “good news story,” media outlets would rightfully demand some kind of proof to subtantiate our claims. That’s why we take pictures of such things and provide them along with our press releases.

…..I invite Scott Thomas to come by the Dragon PAO shop at FOB Falcon- Bldg 301, Rm 119, and I’d be happy to share the DoD media policy with him. While he’s here, I’d love to discuss with him the mass graves, Bradley IFV dog hunting and IED burn victim he’s so intent on stating is fact. If he can provide the evidence, I will gladly retract every word I’ve posted on the subject. If he’s not willing to do that, then it kind of makes you wonder about his credibility, and that of the New Republic’s doesn’t it?

Best regards,
Major Kirk Luedeke
Public Affairs Officer
4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division DRAGONS FOB Falcon

I received correspondence from PVT Scott Thomas Beauchamp’s Co. 1SG.  I e-mailed him via AKO and did not expect him to have the time to answer, but I’m proud to say he did.  Looks like The New Republic’s representative lackey has a lot of explaining to do. 

This was my e-mail to 1SG Hatley:

Date: Thursday, July 26, 2007 20:56
Subject: Re: PVT Beauchamp

I’ll bet you’ve been inundated with e-mails from Active Duty Soldiers as well as veterans, but please bear with me. I read the inane comments by PVT Scott Thomas Beauchamp and his “literary” efforts are indicative of someone who’s as bright as a 10 Watt bulb. Please pass this along to the rest of the Soldiers in your fine

You’re all doing a hell of a job. The United States Army is what stands between freedom and Sharia Law, and you should be very proud of what you’re doing. You’re helping to rid the world of Islamofacsists who want to transform the entire planet into a Caliphate. I served as a Soldier for over 30 combined years, and
I’ve been where you are now. It’s a tough job, but the Army’s done it for 232 years.

SFC Cheryl McElroy
Veteran of Desert Storm, Bosnia, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Oh yeah, it looks like Beauchamp is in deep shit. According to his good buddy Frankin Foer, the Chain of Command took his toys away:

The magazine’s editor, Franklin Foer, disclosed in an interview that Beauchamp is married to a New Republic staffer, and that is “part of the reason why we found him to be a credible writer.” Foer also said Beauchamp “has put himself in significant jeopardy” and “lost his lifeline to the rest of the world” because military officials have taken away his laptop, cellphone and e-mail privileges.

Well, fucking waaaaaah! Confiscation of electronic media is perfectly justified in this case. The whoppers he told have to be properly traced, and documented.

Let’s get something straight: There’s all kinds of milblogs out there, and most contain balanced, true to life experiences which in no way reflect badly on the military. Opinions notwithstanding, false accusations are generally not tolerated by the UCMJ.
He placed himself in legal jeopardy the minute he decided to present his spiteful little fantasies as fact.

Beauchamp did not provide any documentation for his three published columns. He is married to a reporter-researcher at the New Republic, Elspeth Reeve.

Nepotism, anyone? Gee, and we were beginning to think he got published on merit.

….Foer said the magazine is attempting to confirm every detail. “We are trying to be as deliberate and meticulous as we possibly can,” he said. “We’re not going to be rushed into making any sort of snap judgment.”

Oh, you mean like the ‘deliberate, meticulous’ methods you used to verify Beauchamp’s regurgitations? No snap judgement there.

As conservative bloggers yesterday continued to challenge the veracity of Beauchamp’s accounts, Foer said: “It is really unfortunate that someone like Scott, who was really only trying to tell his particular story, has become a pawn in the debate over the war and the Weekly Standard’s efforts to press an ideological agenda.”

Link:   http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/27/AR2007072700037.html

Newsflash, you Pulp Fiction Pimp: You threw gasoline on the fire of the ideological debate as soon as you published Beauchamp’s canard. You saw another America-bashing opportunity and you gladly participated. In your zeal to bad-mouth the United States Army, you got egg all over your liberal face, and you don’t even have the decency to be embarrassed. Congratulations, Foer.  You added one more item to your “stupid column”.

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  2. Posted by sfcmac on 29/06/2009 at 11:14

    Mrs. Hatley,

    I thought about e-mailing you many times after the Courts Martial, but stopped short because I knew you were going through a personal hell, and I didn’t think you would want to hear from me. I figured that you would probably drop in on the site to read any updates I’ve posted, and that would be good enough.

    I’ve said this so many times, it’s second nature: Americans have to realize we are fighting an enemy that does not play by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules, nor can they find Geneva on a map. Islamic terrorists understand our way of thinking better than we ourselves. They don’t hesitate to use children as suicide bombers or human shields. They’ve got considerable occupational experience at torture, mutilation, and gratuitous executions. They will feign surrender, then pull the fuse on the bomb under their shirt. Feeling sorry for these shit bags is misguided, and quite frankly, stupid.

    Just think what will happen if/when President Punchdrunk closes GITMO.

    What happened to 1SG Hatley is a travesty and reaffirms my belief that America (the government, included)no longer cares to meet the enemy head on and stop them before they kill more Americans.

    The ground rules have been set by a leftwing media and a Democratic Party-controlled legislature hell bent on causing the defeat of the United States. This has been a trend since Vietnam.

    I don’t know who ultimitely decided to bring charges against 1SG Hatley and his Soldiers for eliminating four armed terrorists who would have certainly harmed more Soldiers upon release, but they ought to be ashamed.

    I hope in spite of everything you are doing well. Please keep in touch and let me know how your husband is coping.




  3. Posted by Mrs. Kim Hatley on 28/06/2009 at 22:04

    Thank you SFC Mac for posting all this. I am John’s wife. I am the one who emailed you when this awful Beauchamp situation arose. The Baghdad deployment was a time of sheer hell & chaos. It’s okay if you post that exact email I sent you back then, if you would like to. Please allow me to add my comment, which I have just posted on the “collegenews.com” blog site:

    I am the “wife” of 1SG John E. Hatley. It’s amazing to sit back & read everyone’s comments, either for or against my husband. This is America and because of great & brave Soldiers like my husband, you have the right to say what you want and I put up with it, as do many others. For those who are against my husband: I forgive you for judging him cruely, the way you do. For those who knew my husband & or, served with him, thank you for your service. It’s amazing that the ones that are so critical and cynical against my husband, have never even served their own country & or been shot at by the enemy or have seen your fellow comarad’s die by gruesome means. Meanwhile as you sit & labor over what cruel things to write, our soldiers are back in Iraq, suffering with the intense heat & serving “you”…. Think about it. Remember that. I have personally comforted many widows in our Battalion thru the Baghdad deployment. Our Brigade lost 109 soldiers. In the previous deployment “Tikrit” our Brigade lost half that many. When you experience the horrors of war & see the tragic, intimate details going on behind the scenes, like the widows when they find out they cannot have an “open casket” funeral for their Soldier, it makes you want to cry for those who do not understand anything about what war is all about and what the Soldiers & families actually experience on a day to day basis. Doing studies & reading about past wars or current wars, is not a substitute for actually having been there. It is quite interesting to watch those judge others, based merely off reading something in print, either from a book or by an article in a paper… in the comfort of their homes. To question anyone’s honor, courage & judgement is just an area that is beyond ridiculous for those who have never (been there) seen the horrors of war. The intimate moments of sheer horror and devastation that Soldiers experience while watching their fellow soldiers die terrible deaths by the hands of insurgents or by IED’s… lends YOU time, to go about and judge others, whilst others die for you and fight for you and actually experience the horrors of war, that you so aptly read about, after the fact, in the comfort of your home. It is also amazing to watch people “go with the flow” with what “carefully chosen words” are used in articles, borrowing quote from what a prosecuting attorney says about this or that. If they use the word “slayed” or “Iraqi”, you automatically run with it and frame your perceptions immediately around that and only that. What if writers used the word “insurgent” instead? or “slayers of American Soldiers?” Words are powerful and it’s interesting to watch some people be led around by them and make examples of themselves. What type of example? ~HOOAH!!! Mrs. Kim Hatley

    (Thank you SFC Mac, for your service and sacrifices.)


  4. […] not lessening the effect that SFC Cheryl McElroy (your friend and my drinking buddy, GI Jane) at The Foxhole who scooped the whole internet by getting a statement from 1SG Hatley in the beginning, but the stories that Beauchamp told were obviously false – completely. So […]


  5. Posted by sfcmac on 18/04/2009 at 12:55

    Flash Override, and Rob W.

    Based on the facts of the incident and my experience as an Iraq war veteran: 1SG Hatley and his squad were attacked by a group of enemy terrorist combatants. They fired back, chased them down, captured them, and found their weapons cache. They should have killed them on the spot. As for the Courts Martial decision, justice isn’t always “just”.

    You should know that 99.9% of the accusations leveled against American troops fall flat either before they get to trial, or as a result of acquitals.

    As for Soldiers ‘gone amok’, if/when you ever find yourself in the same situation as boots-on-the-ground troops who have to make life or death decisions, then you can talk. The trouble with arm-chair critics (especially the leftwing) is that they have the luxury of jeering from the sidelines while others do the heavy lifting.



  6. Posted by Flash Override on 17/04/2009 at 20:22

    Now that 1ST Hatley has been convicted of four counts of premeditated murder of captives, perhaps you ought to rethink this piece.


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