FBI Informant Was Blocked by Obama Regime From Testifying on Russian Uranium Deal

Via Breitbart

An American businessman who went undercover for the FBI was blocked during the Obama administration from telling Congress what he knew about Russia’s efforts to influence the Clintons’ and Obama administration decisions, according to a report.
Attorney Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate intelligence committee, told The Hill that she is trying to get the Trump administration or the FBI to free her client to talk.

“All of the information about this corruption has not come out,” Toensing said.

She said her client possesses “specific allegations that Russian executives made to him about how they facilitated the Obama administration’s 2010 approval of the Uranium One deal and sent millions of dollars in Russian nuclear funds to the U.S. to an entity assisting Bill Clinton’s foundation.”

At the time, Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and serving on the government panel that approved the deal, the lawyer said. Bill Clinton accepted $500,000 Russian speaking fees in 2010 and collected millions more in donations from parties with a stake in the Uranium One deal. The Clintons and the Obama administration have denied that had any influence on the deal.

But Toensing said her client can also testify that FBI agents made comments to him suggesting political pressure was exerted, and that there was specific evidence that could have scuttled approval of the Uranium One deal if it became public.

“There was corruption going on and it was never brought forward. And in fact, the sale of the uranium went on despite the government knowing about all of this corruption. So, he’s coming forward. He wants the right thing to be done, but he cannot do it unless he is released from the NDA,” she told the outlet.

Toensing said her client was asked by the FBI to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to prevent him from talking to Congress, and has memos showing how the Obama Justice Department threatened him when he attempted to file a lawsuit to recover monies Russians stole from him and which could have drawn attention to the Russian corruption during the 2016 election.

The department threatened to bring a criminal case against him for violating the NDA, she said. The Hill also said it obtained emails from a civil attorney working with the witness that described the pressure the department was exerting on him to stay quiet.

“The government was taking a very harsh position that threatened both your reputation and liberty,” the civil lawyer wrote in one email, according to the outlet. In another, she wrote: “As you will recall the gov’t made serious threats sufficient to cause you to withdraw your civil complaint.”

……Court records show that Toensing’s client went to the FBI immediately after Russian officials asked him to engage in illegal activity in 2009, according to the report. Working undercover, the client made kickback payments to the Russians with the approval of the FBI.

As a result of the client’s work, the U.S. was able to crack a “multibillion dollar racketeering scheme by Russian nuclear officials on U.S. soil that involved bribery, kickbacks, money laundering and extortion,” The Hill reported.

“In the end, the main Russian executive sent to America to expand Vladimir Putin’s nuclear business, an executive of an American trucking firm and a Russian financier from New Jersey pled guilty to various crimes in a case that started in 2009 and ended in late 2015,” it reported.


The Senate Judiciary has opened an investigation on the corruption and bribery over the Obama-Russian uranium deal.

BTW: Robert Mueller was the FBI Director during the deal. Not that he’s any less corrupt than Eric Holder.

We’ll see if they actually have the balls to issue subpoenas and tell the DOJ to issue warrants of arrest.


Florida DemRat Accuses Trump of Being “Insensitive” Toward the Widow of a U.S. Soldier Slain in Africa

No lie or false accusation is ever too much for these douchebags.

And what the hell was this bitch doing listening in on a private conversation between the president and  the widow of a slain Soldier?

From Fox News

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Thursday he was “stunned” and “broken-hearted” after a condolence call President Trump made to the widow of a slain Soldier turned into a public and political spectacle pitting the administration against a Democratic lawmaker.

In a rare and emotional moment from the White House briefing room podium, Kelly condemned Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., for listening to that phone call and then criticizing the president’s tone in the press.

“I was stunned when I came to work, when I saw what a member of Congress was doing, listened in on a phone call from the president,” Kelly told reporters.

“It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation … I thought at least that was sacred,” he said.

On Oct. 4, four Americans were killed in an ambush near Niger. The phone call in question was made to the widow of one of those Soldiers, Army Sgt. La David Johnson.

Wilson criticized Trump for allegedly saying during that phone call that “he knew what he signed up for,” claiming the remarks were insensitive.

But Kelly said Trump was only trying to say something akin to what Gen. Joe Dunford, now chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told him when his own son died: That “he was doing exactly what he wanted to do … he knew what he was getting into.”

Trump ignited the issue earlier this week after he questioned whether Barack Obama called the families of fallen troops during his eight years in office. This was as he faced questions about his administration’s response to the Niger ambush.


Actually, Trump’s words were ““knew what he signed up for … but when it happens, it hurts anyway”.  Straightforward and true.  In no way is that insensitive.  As a retired Soldier and war veteran, I understand exactly what Donald Trump meant and in the proper context.

A veteran – whether active duty, retired, National Guard or Reserve – is someone who at one point in his/her life wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount of ‘up to and including my life.’
That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.

This Gold Star father does:

The father of one of the Green Berets killed in Niger offered a blistering rebuke of the fervid criticism being directed at President Donald Trump over a condolence call to a widow of a deceased Soldier.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Arnold Wright, the father of Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, said he spoke with Trump on the phone and the president’s remarks were “appropriate.” He also said his son did know what he signed up for.

“I’ll say it: my son knew what he signed up for. He signed up to be a Green Beret. He had no illusions about what that meant,” said the Gold Star father who also served in the military. “My son came from a military family with a tradition that dates back to 1812. He fully knew what it means to serve and the risk involved.”

Wright said he spoke with the president for about 20 minutes, saying “the tone was great” and that he had no qualms with it coming two weeks after his son was killed.

“His comments were appropriate,” he told Time Magazine.

“He talked to me about the loss of my son and how he served with honor and dignity and he just wanted to give me a call to thank me,” Wright said. “I told him the kind of man Dustin was. We talked about his deployment.

“We got troops out there with no air cover. There are still teams in the country. That was the main point that was the conversation.”


So does this Gold Star father:

A Gold Star Father said he believes President Donald Trump’s recent comments to the widow of a slain U.S. serviceman have been misinterpreted.

Speaking Wednesday with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, Craig Gross said Trump’s “words are basically being taken and misconstrued.”

Gross, whose son Cpl. Frank Robert Gross died in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan, said Trump has done several great things for Gold Star families and that he believes Trump is actually very compassionate.

“President Trump is doing a lot of good things as far as Gold Star families are concerned,” Gross said.

He added that Trump invited his family to the White House recently and spent several hours with roughly 50 families at a candlelight service honoring American heroes who have died in combat.

“I believe that if you interviewed him personally, one on one, you would find that he is very, very empathetic and very compassionate, not only toward Gold Star families but also in regards to our active duty,” Gross said.


And this Gold Star mother:

A Gold Star mother who lost her son “never got a call” from Obama, but what she received from Melania Trump was priceless.

Amid the uproar over President Trump’s remarks about his predecessors not calling the families of fallen service members, Jill Stephenson revealed that she, too, never got that personal call from Obama when her son, U.S. Army Ranger Benjamin Kopp, died in 2009, Independent Journal Review reported.

The 21 year-old suffered a gunshot wound to the leg while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. His mother’s fears that he would lose his leg turned worse as Kopp ended up in a coma and died eight days after being admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center.

“I never got a call,” Stephenson told IJR.

“The Obamas never sent these, either,” the mother added, sharing a personal letter she received from First Lady Melania Trump.

“I wish to offer my heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifices you have made and the high price you and your family have paid to help ensure our freedom,” the September 2017 letter addressed to the Gold Star mom began.

“As a mother, you bear the burden of war in a very personal way. I want to take a moment, on Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, to honor you and your son, Corporal Benjamin Kopp, who laid down his life to protect us, our country, and all we hold dear. His sacrifice will never be forgotten,” Trump continued.

“I hold you close to my heart and keep you in my prayers,” the letter concluded, signed by the first lady.

……Kopp bravely saved the lives of six of his fellow soldiers on the battlefield and impacted the lives of others even after his death. The story of his service and how he saved four more Americans, and impacted the lives of more than 60 others through his organ donations, is chronicled in the book, “Heart of a Ranger: The True Story of Cpl. Ben Kopp, American Hero in Life and Death.”


By the way, Wilson’s record demonstrates that she is no friend of veterans:

The Florida Democrat who criticized President Donald Trump this week for being “insensitive” toward the widow of a U.S. Soldier slain in Africa might be facing similar criticism herself.

It turns out that U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson has frequently voted against measures intended to help veterans and their families, according to VoteSmart.org, a vote-tracking site whose founding board members included former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

The measures that Wilson opposed included a bill that could have ensured that families of four soldiers slain in Afghanistan in 2013 received death and burial benefits.

……She has also opposed measures designed to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In March 2013, Wilson opposed the “Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act,” which prevented a government shutdown and provided funds for the U.S. military and the VA.

……Later in the year, Wilson again voted against a resolution aimed at ensuring benefits paid to the veterans and their families would not be affected by the government shutdown in October that year.

The motion was particularly important in the wake of reports that the families of four Soldiers slain in Afghanistan in 2013 had been deprived of benefits due to the shutdown in Washington.

The families of slain Soldiers were denied burial benefits and up to $100,000 to each family, among other benefits, the New York Times reported. Wilson voted against the resolution ensuring that the benefits reached the families.


Obama wouldn’t pick up the phone to call the families of the victims of Fast and Furious and Benghazi to express his condolences, but he gave sympathy to the families of of terrorists and dead rappers, and he called gay NBA players and gay NFL players  to congratulate their “look at me” publicity stunts. Ditto for Major General Harold Greene, the Army General killed in Afghanistan by a terrorist.

He did, however,  disrepect the wishes of military families for a photo op. It was, after all, all about him. 

Wilson and the rest of the Dems who routinely politicize the deaths of American troops can shove it up their ass.


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Firm That Helped Fabricate Fake Trump Dossier Refuses to Answer Questions Before House Intelligence Committee

Remember Fusion GPS?  The former MI6 operative, Christopher Steele, was hired by the corporate espionage firm to dig up dirt on Trump, but came up with a fabricated smear instead.

They’re still refusing to talk about the crime they committed.


From Fox News

Two top officials at the political research firm behind a salacious dossier alleging various Russian connections to President Trump’s campaign invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

Fusion GPS co-founder Peter Fritsch and top lieutenant Thomas Catan were subpoenaed to appear before the committee in a closed-door session on Wednesday but asserted their right not to testify, a source close to the matter told Fox News.

Fritsch and Catan took the Fifth on every question posed by committee members. Another co-founder, Glenn Simpson, is under subpoena for a later date.

The move was expected.

“No American should experience the indignity that occurred today,” Fusion lawyer Joshua Levy said. “No American should be compelled to appear before a congressional committee just to invoke constitutional privileges.”

You committed fraud in an attempt to help Obama engage in sedition. You are not above the law, nor are you immune from the consequences, regardless of your hubris.

A source close to the matter told Fox News that Democratic staffers in the hearing were aggressive and ran interference to protect Fusion GPS, often interrupting questions by Republican members on the committee.

On Monday, Levy said in a letter to the panel that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., was acting “in bad faith.”

“Based on this Committee’s bad faith interactions with the undersigned counsel and its pattern of unprofessional conduct exhibited during different points throughout this investigation, you have left us with no choice but to advise our clients to assert their privileges in the face of these subpoenas,” he wrote, in a 17-page list of reasons why the company would not comply.

……A congressional official familiar with the matter fired back, saying in a statement to Fox News:

“Democrats and Fusion GPS have tried to obstruct every effort to get the facts about the compilation of the Steele dossier and who paid for it, so it’s no surprise that Fusion GPS is saying they’ll continue to obstruct these efforts. Fusion GPS is clearly paving the way to plead the fifth, and Congress is trying to find out if they’re trying to hide something.”


The fake dossiers’ bizarre journey:

Carl Bernstein suggested that John McCain was handed it by a former British ambassador to Moscow.
Bernstein told CNN: ‘It came from a former British MI6 agent who was hired from a political opposition research firm in Washington who was doing work about Donald Trump for both republican and democratic candidates opposed to Trump.’

Subsequently, the  leftwing morons at Buzzfeed and  CNN  jumped at the chance to print the fake news.

The incredible lengths to which the Obama regime went in order to subvert the election is one for the record books. Along with this lurid fake dossier, Obama also engaged in wiretaps to dig for dirt in an effort to target Trump’s campaign and just in case he won, to sabotage his administration.  The FBI which was then headed by corruptocrat James Comey, offered to pay $50,000 for the documents.

They found no wrong doing, and won’t admit to the wiretaps or the lack of evidence.

Since GPS is obstructing justice, Jeff Sessions needs to issue search warrants and raid their offices.

Senate Judiciary Probes Obama-Russian Nuke Bribery

The Dems tried and failed  to make any connection between Trump and the Russians,  yet they ignore the real connections in their own party.

From The Hill

The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched a probe into a Russian nuclear bribery case, demanding several federal agencies disclose whether they knew the FBI had uncovered the corruption before the Obama administration in 2010 approved a controversial uranium deal with Moscow.
Sen. Chuck Grassley(R-Iowa), the committee chairman, on Wednesday raised the issue in public during questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an oversight hearing.

The senator cited a series of The Hill stories that showed the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear officials were involved in a racketeering scheme as early as 2009, well before the uranium deal was approved.

“According to government documents and recent news reports, the Justice Department had an ongoing criminal investigation for bribery, extortion, money laundering, into officials for a Russian company making purchase of Uranium One,” Grassley said. “That purchase was approved during previous administration and resulted in Russians owning 20 percent of America’s uranium mining capacity.

“What are you doing to find out how Russian takeover of American uranium was allowed to occur despite criminal conduct by Russian company that the Obama administration approved to make the purchase?” he asked Sessions.

Sessions responded: “I would offer that some people have gone to jail in that transaction already, but the article talks about other issues. Without confirming or denying existence of any particular investigation, I would say I hear your concerns and they will be reviewed.”

Some people? But not Obama, Hillary, and Holder who either approved the deal or covered it up. ‘Reviewed’. Translation: We’ll get to it when we get to it.

Senate Judiciary aides said the committee had sent requests for information to 10 federal agencies involved in the Russian uranium approvals.

The committee is discussing other bipartisan requests to make in the coming days, and Grassley also is expected to seek access to potential witnesses soon, escalating from the information requests he made a few years back, according to people familiar with the investigation.

The senator also specifically conveyed in recent letters he no longer accepts the Obama administration’s assurances from 2015 that there was no basis to block the Uranium One deal.

“I am not convinced by these assurances,” Grassley wrote the Homeland Security Department last week. “The sale of Uranium One resulted in a Russian government takeover of a significant portion of U.S. uranium mining capacity. In light of that fact, very serious questions remain about the basis for the finding that this transaction did not threaten to impair U.S. national security.”

Though Wednesday’s hearing was scheduled for other purposes, aides said they expected Grassley to ask Sessions questions about a story published in The Hill on Tuesday that disclosed the FBI had uncovered evidence showing Russian nuclear officials were engaged in a racketeering scheme involving bribes, kickbacks and money laundering designed to expand Russian President Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business on U.S. soil.

The evidence was first gathered in 2009 and 2010, but Department of Justice officials waited until 2014 to bring any charges. In between that time, President Obama’s multi-agency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) gave approval to Russia’s Rosatom to buy a Canadian mining company called Uranium One that controlled 20 percent of America’s uranium deposits.

The committee’s members at the time included former Attorney General Eric Holder and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose husband, former President Bill Clinton, collected large speech fees and millions in charitable donations from Russia and other entities interested in the outcome of the decision.

Grassley dispatched letters last week to all the federal agencies whose executives served on the CFIUS when the decision was made, demanding to know whether they were aware of the FBI case before they voted.


Hilllary’s Clinton Foundation made quite a tidy sum from the Russians to the tune of $145 million in donations from peoople connected to the uranium deal.  When Hildabeast was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation peddled influence and favors in return for millions of dollars in foreign donations; some of which came from adversarial governments, organizations, and individuals with some pretty nasty track records on human rights and terrorism.

Time to put that bitch in handcuffs and bring charges.



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Barky’s “JV Team” Defeated in Raqqa

Via Fox News 

The spokesman for U.S.-backed forces fighting Islamic State militants in Syria says the fighters are removing land mines and clearing main roads in the city of Raqqa, a day after they announced it was captured.

Mustafa Bali, the Syrian Democratic Forces spokesman, says preparations are also underway on Wednesday for a formal declaration of the liberation.

SDF announced on Tuesday that their troops have taken full control of the city, once the heart of IS’ self-styled caliphate.

Brett McGurk, the top U.S. envoy for the coalition battling the Islamic State group, is in northern Syria. He posted a photograph of surrendering IS militants, saying: “once purported as fierce, now pathetic and a lost cause.”

McGurk says the United States will help in clearing explosives and restoring services in the city.


In 2014, Obama dismissed ISIS a ‘JV Team‘ while they butchered their way through Iraq and Syria.  All they needed was jobs, hugs, and Obamacare and everything would be fine.

Well, thanks to Barkythey achieved Varsity status.    All of the accomplishments and sacrifices we made to help Iraq transition to a representative democracy, were flushed.  But he was never really enthusiastic about the war against terrorism,  anyway.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has implemented new ROE that U.S. forces are no longer bound by requirements to be in contact with enemy forces before opening fire.  Hopefully, that will be the case wherever we are deployed.


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