FBI Tracking ISIS Threats in U.S.

Just fucking great.  And Barky wants to import more of these shitbags.

At last count, there’s at least 1000 threats. Evidently, the FBI thinks only 48 are “high risk”.

From Fox News.

With as many as 1,000 active cases, Fox News has learned at least 48 ISIS suspects are considered so high risk that the FBI is using its elite tracking squads known as the mobile surveillance teams or MST to track them domestically.

“There is a very significant number of people that are on suspicious watch lists, under surveillance,” Republican Sen. Dan Coats said.

Coats, who sits on the Select Committee on Intelligence, would not comment on specifics, but said the around-the-clock surveillance is a major commitment for the bureau. “The FBI together with law enforcement agencies across the country are engaged in this. It takes enormous amount of manpower to do this on a 24-7 basis.  It takes enormous amount of money to do this,” Coats explained.

These elite FBI teams are reserved for espionage, mob violence and high-priority terrorism cases, like a joint terrorism task force case last June, where a 26 year old suspect Usaama Rahim, was killed outside a Massachusetts CVS. When a police officer and FBI agent tried to question him, the Boston Police Commissioner said Rahim threatened them with a knife, and was shot dead.

How in the fuck were they let in?  The States Department and the DHS have done a shitty job monitoring the borders and who flies into the country from regions known for Islamic terrorism.

The Department of Homeland Security has no idea of how many security risks have already entered the country.

The Obama regime lets thousand of them into the country each year.

Happy Thanksgiving

When I was a kid, my Mom would put out quite a spread for Thanksgiving Dinner. With 7 children and visits from our Grandparents, she had a lot to do. Typically, she’d start about three days out; making the pies, decorations, homemade stuffing, and other food that didn’t have to be cooked until the Big Day.

We had a huge dining room table with a leaf extension. Every square inch of it was taken up by place settings, bowls and dishes full of sweet and mashed potatoes, casseroles, vegetables, cranberry sauce, garnish plates, stuffing, and gravy.  The turkeys, that usually weighed between 25-26 pounds each, were ceremoniously placed in the middle.

Growing up, I mostly gave thanks for the great food and Mom’s cooking, but now I give thanks for Mom, and the privilege of having her in my life until she passed away in 2003.

During my Army career, I spent most Thanksgivings out of the country away from my family, so it was comforting to go over to the mess hall and enjoy the day with fellow troops. In my units, the First Sergeants and Command Sergeant Majors often stood behind the serving line and dished up the turkey.

I always called home to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

To each of you, I extend Thanksgiving wishes with this advice:  Cherish the time you spend with your friends and loved ones on this day.  When they are gone, you can fill the day with wonderful memories.

While you’re gathering with your family today and stuffing yourself with turkey, watching football, and having beer, don’t forget about the troops overseas and in harm’s way. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Many of us, myself included, have been there and we know what it means to spend the holidays away from family and home.

To my fellow Soldiers still deployed, Happy Thanksgiving; you’re in my thoughts. I’ve been there, too.
For my fellow Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, this day of thanks and remembrance is especially for them.

Duty, Honor, Country

CNN Journo Colluded With Hillary’s Campaign to Attack GOP

But she’s in the political sack with the Dems, so it’s okay.

From Breitbart.

Looks like we might have a smoking gun email proving what we’ve known for years: that CNN really is the Clinton News Network. As though watching the network isn’t proof enough of this, in order to embarrass Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and put a positive spin on Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi troubles, emails Gawker claims it received through a Freedom of Information Act request, appear to show a high-profile CNN foreign affairs reporter coordinating directly with Clinton’s State Department.

According to the emails, Elise Labott, the foreign affairs reporter recently suspended for bias, worked directly with Clinton aide Phillip Reines to craft two tweets that were eventually published by Labott: one slamming Rand Paul, the other involving a specific quote from Clinton proclaiming her transparency during the Benghazi investigation held by the Accountability Review Board, a board of Clinton appointees.

Here’s one of the emails, hat tip to Phil Kerpen:

……as Breitbart News reported yesterday, we got a look at how Politico honcho Mike Allen sought favor from the Clintons by offering daughter Chelsea a “no risk” public relations opportunity disguised as an interview. If the emails are true, Allen offered to allow Chelsea to choose the topic of the interview and agreed to present the questions in advance.

These emails aren’t exactly a revelation to anyone familiar with CNN and Politico. Nor is the brazen partisan coordination to boost the Clintons and, at least in the case of CNN, to trash their Republican rivals. Both CNN and Politico are left-wing propaganda outlets, and have been since their inception.

Also not surprising is the fact that outside of New Media, the emails are either being ignored or downplayed by the DC Media, even by Politico’s so-called competitors.


That’s because the bulk of broadcast/mainstream media is in the tank for Dems.

They don’t even bother to hide it anymore.



State Department: Iran Deal Not Signed, Not Legally Binding

This is what you get when you install a malevolent village idiot. Hope and Change!

The State Department just admitted what we already know; Barky’s Iranian nuke deal is a fucking joke.

From The National Review.

Obama didn’t require Iranian leaders to sign the nuclear deal that his team negotiated with the regime, and the deal is not “legally binding,” his administration acknowledged in a letter to Representative Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) obtained by National Review. “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document,” wrote Julia Frifield, the State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs, in the November 19 letter.

Frifield wrote the letter in response to a letter Pompeo sent Secretary of State John Kerry, in which he observed that the deal the president had submitted to Congress was unsigned and wondered if the administration had given lawmakers the final agreement. Frifield’s response emphasizes that Congress did receive the final version of the deal.

But by characterizing the JCPOA as a set of “political commitments” rather than a more formal agreement, it is sure to heighten congressional concerns that Iran might violate the deal’s terms. “The success of the JCPOA will depend not on whether it is legally binding or signed, but rather on the extensive verification measures we have put in place, as well as Iran’s understanding that we have the capacity to re-impose — and ramp up — our sanctions if Iran does not meet its commitments,” Frifield wrote to Pompeo.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani discouraged his nation’s parliament from voting on the nuclear deal in order to avoid placing legal burdens on the regime. “If the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is sent to [and passed by] parliament, it will create an obligation for the government. It will mean the president, who has not signed it so far, will have to sign it,” Rouhani said in August. “Why should we place an unnecessary legal restriction on the Iranian people?”

And all this time I thought it was because Iran is an Islamic totalitarian Caliphate with no intention of stopping its nuclear weapons program. Silly me.

And besides, Iran will “trample America“.


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SCOAMF-in-Chief: ‘Climate Change’ Forum in Paris is ‘Powerful Rebuke to the Terrorists’

You just can’t make up this shit.  Western ‘leaders’ get more inane by the day.

The irony that this forum will be held in Paris, which was just attacked again by radical muzzies, totally escapes these morons.

From The Blaze.

Obama said the upcoming international talks on climate change in Paris — just weeks after the city was ravaged by an Islamic State terrorist attack — would send a message to the terrorists.

“I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the global climate conference,” Obama said Tuesday during a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande. “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

……Hollande also recognized the importance of 150 world leaders coming to the city.

“I certainly could not imagine that this conference would be taking place against such a background,” he said. “At the same time, I think there cannot be a better symbol for response but to hold a conference in Paris where the attacks took place, where we took the right measures in terms of security, protections, as well as in defending our values.”

“There is no greater symbol than holding this conference on climate in Paris,” he added.

……Never before did France host so many leaders of the international community. They are coming to sort out the climate challenge and, again, to work and to find the right agreements so that we can limit greenhouse gas emissions and make sure that our children and our grandchildren live better, or simply can live,” Hollande said. “But they are also coming to express their support to freedom, to the fight against extremism, that radical Islam, which is becoming dangerous.”

What a symbol of worthless jackassery.  They really believe that whining over a debunked junk science is going to impress a ‘culture’ of radical muzzie zealots, steeped in the violent theocracy of a 7th Century screed.

“I’m scared of the climate and “greenhouse gas emissions”, said no muzzie terrorist, ever.

The muzzie terror rampage is succeeding.  There are reasons for that.


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