*Surprise*: Joint Chiefs Knew Bergdahl Walked Away From Post in 2009

From Fox News.

Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his base in Afghanistan June 30, 2009, and by December of that same year, the president’s principal military adviser, then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen, knew those details, according to three of Bergdahl’s platoon mates who spoke to Fox News.

“I asked him (Mullen) if he knew about Bergdahl and that he deserted and he (Mullen) told me that he knew of the circumstances surrounding his walking off,” former Sgt. Matt Vierkant told Fox,”(and) that they were developing leads and following leads, trying to do everything they could to get him back.”

After pulling security duty for the chairman, who was doing a swing through Afghanistan in December 2009, Vierkant, along with Evan Buetow and Cody Full, said they met informally with Mullen and about eight other Soldiers. After a pep talk about the mission, the three said Mullen asked the squad leaders and platoon leadership to take a break.

“He sat down with all the lower enlisted guys and the team leaders and basically he said, ‘Hey, what do you want to know…You got any questions? He’s like, I’m an open book. Let’s just have a little question and answer session,” Buetow explained.

“So Matt asked him, you know Bergdahl deserted, what’s going on with that? And Admiral Mullen said, ‘Yes, we know all the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl walking away from the OP (outpost,)and we’re still working on getting him back, figuring out where he is and kind of figuring out that whole situation.’”

……This account was backed up by a third platoon mate, former Specialist Cody Full. The men were split on whether Mullen singled them out because of the Bergdahl connection or whether it was a chance meeting, but they emphasized that at the time, they appreciated the fact that Mullen seemed to speak candidly and openly.

……Asked if there was any ambiguity based on the conversation, Verkant said no. Without a doubt he (Mullen) knew he (Bergdahl) deserted, or you know, was suspected of desertion. There was no doubt in my mind that he fully understood what Bergdahl did.”

Once it became apparent that Bergdahl deserted, they should have charged him in absentia, not promoted him. He wasn’t a POW, he didn’t get lost accidentally on patrol, he wasn’t captured, he deserted. When this was reported back in 2009, I said that the whole goddamned situation was fishy.

Bergdhal left his gear in a nice neat little pile along with a note that explained he was running away.  He willfully collaborated  with the enemy and declared allegiance to Islamic jihad.  The attacks his unit endured got more methodical and precise after Bergdahl’s desertion. They should have left him with the Taliban. They should have considered him an enemy combatant and killed him on the battlefield.

Bergdahl is a poster boy for Obama’s sympathy for muzzies, so the Army brass  drug their feet over a courts martial.

Even when it became crystal clear that Bergdahl left on his  own, the Obama regime tried to soft pedal the disgrace by sending spokes-tool Susan Rice out into the sympathetic leftwing media to declare that Bergdahl’s desertion constituted “serving with honor and distinction” .  Obama’s staff  went on the offensive. They  smeared Bergdahl’s former platoon because they told the truth.  Obama made a speech in the Rose Garden flanked by Bergdahl’s Taliban-schmoozing  parents, slobbering over him as if he were just a misunderstood kid. But he had no such sympathy for the families of  the Soldiers who sacrificed their lives looking for the little ratfuck.

And of course, the five Taliban cutthroats  Obama set free from GITMO in exchange for him, will be eternally grateful for the generosity as they return to the battlefield to kill Americans. The swap, by the way, was against the law.
After months of denial, he was finally charged with desertion. Treason should have been added to the list.
Every detail of information regarding Bergdahl’s crime, especially his collaboration with the enemy and the effect it had on his unit, should be presented to the Courts Martial.
He should then be taken out and shot.




Two Army National Guard Members Arrested for Obama-Style Gunrunning

Obama and Holder did the same damned thing with the illegal Fast and Furious gunrunning to Mexico, but they haven’t been frogmarched off to jail where they belong.

From Fox News.

Two U.S. Army National Guardsmen have been charged with illegally attempting to sell guns, some issued by the military, as well as ammunition and body armor to Mexican drug cartels.

Jaime Casillas, 22, and Andrew Reyes, 34, were arrested Wednesday in Southern California, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Diego. Both men worked in the Army National Guard Armory in La Mesa, Calif.

The Justice Department alleges that Casillas and Reyes sold 10 guns, including four AK-47 assault rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition to an undercover agent posing as a cartel member. The complaint says some of the arms were from the military and others were bought in Texas and resold in California.

Federal authorities also allege that Casillas and Reyes told the agent that some of the guns that came in from Texas had obliterated serial numbers or were “hot,” meaning that the weapons had been stolen or used to commit a crime.

……Both men are charged with dealing firearms without a license, while Reyes is also charged with unlicensed transportation of firearms. Each count carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The weapons from Obama’s gunrunning escapade keep turning up in shootouts, murders, and crime scenes.

The only “license” Obama had was his opinion that he’s entitled to do what he wants, regardless of the law and the Constitution. Like everything else.



Practitioners of the ‘Religion of Peace’ Destroy Christian Grave Markers in Mosul

From Fox News.

The Islamic State’s campaign of terror across the war-torn nation, which has already seen countless beheadings, destruction of priceless art and religious artifacts and insistence that Christians submit or die, now includes mass desecration of graves. Photos of the black-clad, extremist ghouls smashing headstones in cemeteries in the key northern city of Mosul were posted Thursday online under the title “Leveling Graves and Erasing Pagan Symbols.”

“The April 16 destruction of Christian graves in Mosul, Iraq by the Islamic State (ISIS) is part of the organization’s ongoing campaign against Christianity, in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world,” said Steven Stalinsky, executive director of The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which flagged the photos.

The shocking images appeared on the Shomoukh Al-Islam jihadi forum and other various websites, according to MEMRI. They show ISIS militants shattering graves with sledgehammers and carving out the crosses that were engraved on the stones. The photos were released along with a statement claiming to justify the defacing. The “hadith,” or Islamic teaching, stated that any grave higher than ground level must be shattered. Any images on such graves must be erased as well, according to the twisted edict.

The fact that they’re Christian graves is the real reason for the desecration.

The hadith claims Prophet Mohammad  told followers not to “leave an elevated grave without leveling it, nor an image without erasing it.”

While desecrating graves is not the worst of ISIS’ crimes, Stalinsky told FoxNews.com it sends a strong signal to the West.

“It is important to note that ISIS is documenting its destruction and desecration of Christian sites and its attacks on Christian communities, and on other minorities’ sites and communities, and is disseminating these images worldwide via social media,” he said. “By doing this, ISIS is not only showcasing what it is doing, but is also mocking the West by demonstrating that it is doing so freely, with no one trying to stop it.

Well shit, the West hasn’t done a whole hell of a lot to stop muzzie cutthroats from doing anything. They’ve been slaughtering Christians wholesale across the Middle East, Indonesia, and in Africa. And the world yawns.
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Wisconsin High School Writing Assignment: ‘Pretend You’re Muslim’

From EAG News.

UNION GROVE, Wis. – Pretend you’re a Muslim. That’s what a 10th grade World History writing assignment asks students to do at a Wisconsin high school.

WISN talk radio host Vicki McKenna posted Union Grove High School teacher Beth Urban’s email for a five-paragraph essay on Twitter.

It reads:

Union Grove Muslim essay assignment full

EAGnews emailed Urban to obtain more information on the assignment but she did not respond.

Specifically, we wanted to know if there were similar assignments baEsed on other religions or just Islam, as well as what documentaries were watched to prepare for the essay.

A parent of the student who received the assignment tells EAGnews, “I feel that the purpose of the assignment is to show prejudices towards Muslims in America or to invent them or exaggerate them.”

The parent, who asked to remain anonymous, doesn’t blame the teacher for the essay’s instructions.

“I did not voice my concerns directly to the teacher because I do not blame the teacher. I believe this is a curriculum issue. The teachers are not using their own curriculum, the school boards/superintendents do generally,” according to the parent.

“I brought attention to it because I felt that it was inaccurate for World History. I would have no problem with this assignment if they were to pretend they were in the Middle East and practicing their religion. I first was bothered because it seems that if any Catholic issues are brought up attention is brought to the school and (the assignment) banned being a public school.”

EAGnews reported on another controversial lesson two years ago – almost to the day – at the same high school.

At that time, students were given a crossword puzzle that defined conservatism as “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms.. ”

“The definitions of conservatism and liberalism make me sick,” parent Tamra Varebook told EAGnews. “I think it’s horribly distorted and it’s biased.”

After EAG’s report, the publishing company, Cerebellum Corporation, announced it would discontinue selling the “skewed” assignment.

“Although we are careful to screen the quality of our products, we are not always able to identify the problems seen in Liberalism vs. Conservatism,” Cerebellum President James Rena said in a statement sent to EAGnews.

An assignment for Beth Urban:

Pretend that muzzie terrorists don’t want us all dead and don’t commit world-wide atrocities in the name of their religion.

Pretend that 9/11 never happened and was never carried out by muslims dedicated to killing innocent people in the name of Islam.

Pretend that the attacks against Americans in this country dating back to 1972, never happened.

Pretend that the muslims haven’t renewed their worldwide jihad.

Pretend that muslims never beheaded a co-worker in Oklahoma, attacked cops in NYC. and stabbed people at a bus stop for not being muslim.

Pretend that muslims didn’t massacre Jews at a Paris deli or slaughter 12 people at the office of a French satire magazine for lampooning their prophet mohammad.

Pretend that gays, Christians, Jews, and ‘infidel’s aren’t slaughtered, hung, beheaded, blown up, thrown off of buildings, and set on fire because the koran proscribes it.

Let’s pretend that creeping sharia isn’t happening.

Pretend that the Chenchen muslim Tsarnaev brothers didn’t explode a bomb at the finish line at the Boston Marathon that killed three people, including an 8 year old boy, and injured 264.

Pretend that Soldiers in Arkansas and Texas weren’t murdered by muslims.

Let’s pretend you’re not a leftwing ditz who would never subject herself to the violent theocracy she thinks is harmless.

When you get a fucking clue, you can stop pretending.

Why GOP ‘Insiders’ Are so Dicked Up

Jay Cost wrote a piece in the Weekly Standard that gives an explanation for the Republicans’ cowardice on bucking Obama and the DemProgs’ agenda.


Tom Cotton’s letter to the Iranian regime has spurred furious blowback from liberals. They want the president to cut a deal with Iran, and Cotton’s letter gets in the way; thus, they’ve engaged in a specious fight over inter-branch protocol. Never mind that the president is looking to sign an agreement with an enemy without the advice and consent of the Senate. And never mind that Democrats have made similar overtures to foreign governments before.

……Which is why this item from Friday’s Politico was so striking:
“One-third of Republican insiders believe that Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and his GOP colleagues — including several potential presidential candidates — crossed the line when they published an open letter to Iranian leaders warning about a possible nuclear deal….
“The GOP letter — while sound in substance — caused the debate to shift from the administration’s wrongheadedness to the GOP’s tactics,” said a New Hampshire Republican, who — like all 92 respondents this week — completed the survey anonymously in order to speak candidly. “That’s not helpful.”

It manifestly did not “cross the line,” as Steve Hayes’s editorial in this week’s WEEKLY STANDARD makes clear. What it did was rock the boat, which is something that a wide swath of Republican “insiders” never want to do.

This has been a persistent pattern. Conservatives come forward with bold proposals to reform the way government works — or at least stop some egregious abuse — and GOP insiders warn of dire consequences. We’ve seen that on the farm bill, on the Export-Import Bank, on the Paul Ryan budget plan, on executive amnesty, and now on Iran. Don’t make waves, they warn, lest we risk the majority!

But what is the point of a majority, if not to reform the government? That is the conservative attitude, at any rate, but there is a different view that, unfortunately, has wide purchase in quarters of the Republican party. It is the belief that the majority is a good thing because it means Republicans get to decide how the government pie gets sliced up. Upsetting the apple cart threatens the chairmanship of the Energy and Water Development Subcommittee of Appropriations, which simply cannot be risked under this view. Otherwise, Democrats will get to decide how all that tasty government cheese is allocated!

……This is still a common occurrence in the Republican party. When conservatives try to reform government in ways that upend the established order, they end up getting undermined by  . . . Republicans.

What can we possibly do about this? Three things.
First, we have to stop focusing so relentlessly on the personalities of politicians…
To that end, the second thing we need to do is reform Congress. Today, the institution is premised on a conflict of interest — members of both parties trade public policy to the private groups that subsidize their campaigns and provide for their post-political careers. This lends itself inevitably to the don’t-rock-the-boat mentality, particularly when it has to do with corporate welfare like the Ex-Im Bank, corporate tax loopholes, or the farm bill.
Third, we have to reform the GOP nomination process, not just for the presidency but also the Congress. That’s the other end of the conflict of interest: politicians trade public policy because they believe (correctly) it will get them reelected. If we change the way those elections take place, we can change their incentives.

……the only way to improve the Republican party, to make it truly a vehicle for a conservative reform agenda, is to change the rules by which it operates. Otherwise, our efforts to fix the government will be met with fire from our “friends,” straight into our backs.

In January, I wrote an open letter to the new Republican majority in Congress entitled: “You need an overhaul”.  I spoke about the need to rid our country of Obama’s lawless and unconstitutional agenda, his destructive domestic and kowtowing foreign policies, as well as bringing him and his cabinet full of thugs to justice. And I also wrote this:

Get back to the roots of GOP principles:

There’s a reason why groups like the Tea Party were created and gained influence and momentum. You have abandoned the principles in the United States Constitution of limited government and fiscal restraint.  We are now saddled with a $18 trillion debt and you’re allowing Obama to add more by raising the debt limit. Are you nuts? Every time the government gets a debt limit increase, it’s like giving crack to an addict. It’s a green light to spend this country further into an abyss.

You  villifyinsult, and denigrate faithful grassroot Republicans and Tea Party Patriots for holding you accountable and demanding that you fulfill the promises you made. We expect that kind of filth from LeftProg Dems; not from you. The majority the seats gained by the GOP in the House in 2010, was due in large part to the Tea Party movement; a fact that escapes your selective memories. We also had considerable influence in the 2014 mid-terms.

Instead of backing Republicans who have strong Tea Party values, you abandoned them and allowed their DemLeft opponents to win elections. Instead of doing what you were elected to do, you cave in to the petty little tyrant in the White House and his tools in the Democratic Party.

We need to purge our ranks of dead weight and boot them them across the aisle. Excommunicate them from the GOP.  Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Chris Christie (R-NJ),  Jeff Flake (R-AZ), John McCain (R-AZ), John Kasich (R-OH) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are just some of the slugs who fit that category. We’re fed up with RINOs,  illegal alien panderers, and business as usual bureaucrats who fail to back up their avowed commitments, opting instead to make excuses for their failure.

Speaking of dead weight, John Boehner, whom I’m ashamed to admit is from my home state of Ohio, is a shameful pussy.  His collusion with Dems has helped increase the debt by $3,8 trillion in 3 years. He should not be Speaker of the House.

Marco Rubio (R-FL), Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) held such promise at the start. Now they’re showing substantial cracks in their character. What a shame.

Ted Cruz seems to be the only Republican left with guts.

That’s it in a nutshell. The Republican party has collapsed into mush; they’re so afraid of ‘offending’ someone and taking the steps necessary to get this country back, it’s pathetic. They’re out of touch with the grassroots. They’ve forgotten the reason why we elected them to a majority; we want them to stop B. Hussein and his socialist Frankenstein dead in their fucking tracks. We want a return to the principles outlined by the founders. We the People are more than just the opening words in the U.S. Constitution, it’s a reminder that they are sworn to serve the citizenry, not the other way around. They’re tasked with the providing the nation’s security and maintaining individual and civil liberties. Instead, they sit on the sidelines, or in some cases, jump into the political sack with toxic DemProgs who have a visceral hatred of America and have made it their life’s work to subvert the fabric of the United States and the freedoms of its citizens.

We are angered and embarrassed at the current crop of Republican representatives and the way they surrender to leftwing douchebags and lash out at those who oppose the collusion.

‘Rock the boat’? Hell, it should be capsized.


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