A Lesson in Citizenship: Second Lt. Alix Schoelcher Idrache


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A powerful image of a Haitian West Point cadet on his graduation day comes just a few days short of Memorial Day.

Second Lt. Alix Schoelcher Idrache stood with his cap in hand and tears streaming down his face during the commencement ceremony at West Point in New York on Saturday, as he graduated along with 950 classmates.

Army Staff Sgt. Vito T. Bryant snapped a picture of the newly graduated 2nd lieutenant during a poignant moment and had it posted on West Point’s Facebook page, where it has been viewed numerous times.

One of the reasons for his instant fame is Idrache’s humble background. An immigrant from Haiti, the hardworking Caribbean worked his way through the nation’s most prestigious military schools, earned his U.S. citizenship and served for two years as an enlisted Soldier with the Maryland Army National Guard.

“I woke up this morning and found my face all over Facebook and with it myriad of amazing comments about my accomplishments,” Idrache wrote Tuesday on Facebook. “I am humbled and shocked at the same time. Thank you for giving me a shot at the American Dream and may God bless America, the greatest country on earth.”

On the school’s Instagram post, Idrache explained why the moment brought him to tears.

“At this moment, I was overwhelmed with emotions. Three things came to mind and led to those tears. The first is where I started. I am from Haiti and never did I imagine that such honor would be one day bestowed on me,” wrote Idrache. “The second is where I am. Men and women who have preserved the very essence of the human condition stood in that position and took the same oath.”

“The third is my future,” Idrache continued. “Knowing that one day I will be a pilot is humbling beyond words. I could not help but be flooded with emotions knowing that I will be leading these men and women who are willing to give their all to preserve what we value as the American way of life. To me, that is the greatest honor. Once again, thank you.”

Now Idrache is set to begin the next phase of his career and train to become a pilot.

While Barky is importing illegals and muzzie terrorists, this guy earned his citizenship and will do great things.

Memorial Day

An excellent tribute from Fox News’ Bret Baier:

Ronald Reagan Memorial-Day-Meme1-1024x768

memorial day

memorial day4

memorial day3

Rist, Richard (Hollywood, FL) 1-31




Their contributions were and are immeasurable.

My Grandfather fought in World War II. I enlisted in the United States Army the year he officially retired—1976. It was a symbolic changing of the guard and I was proud to follow in the footsteps of his combat boots. Until I retired in 2006, I had the privilege of serving in peace and war, with some of the finest people ever to wear the uniform. Some of them did not come home, and I will never forget them.

With apologies to Rupert Brooke:

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever America.

A big salute to all the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard veterans, as well as those still serving.

How Memorial Day came to be.

While you’re enjoying your bar-b-que and beer, take a moment to remember those who gave their lives so that you can enjoy this day in peace.
Try to attend your local Memorial Day parade, stop by your VFW or American Legion, and hoist a few drinks in memory of our fallen comrades.

Duty, Honor, Country





Lowlife Fucktards Vandalize Memorial Day, Veterans Displays

First up, a little shit bag who is probably no stranger to law enforcement. Meet Anthony Burrus.

anthony burrus thugs

A Henderson, Ky. man has been arrested after he allegedly damaged more than 150 crosses in the city’s Memorial Day cross display with his vehicle early Saturday, according to officials.

According to Henderson Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Richmond, Anthony Burrus, 27, was arrested in connection with the incident that took place in Central Park at around 6 a.m. Roughly 160 crosses were knocked down and about 20 were destroyed.

The vehicle Burrus was driving, a 1979 Ford Thunderbird, was found with pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires after he left it at the McDonald’s restaurant on South Green Street. Richmond said Burrus denied causing the damage in the park, but confirmed he was driving the vehicle earlier this morning and left it after it stopped working.

Henderson police officers and deputies from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident.

Burrus was found and arrested at his sister’s apartment complex on Zion Road, and is being held at the Henderson County Detention Center. He is charged with first degree criminal mischief and leaving the scene of an accident.

Richmond said a large number of tips, Facebook posts, and vehicle searches helped officers make the connection and arrest Burrus.

I would say make the cumstain pay for and replace every flag he destroyed, but that’s too easy. His ass should sit in an 8×10 cell for a while.

In Los Angeles, a town full of illegals, gangs, and assorted liberal excrement, some punks thought it would be cool to deface a mural honoring the American troops who died in Vietnam:

(KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV via AP). This Friday, May 27, 2016 image from video provided by KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV shows graffiti on a Vietnam War memorial in the Venice area of Los Angeles.

Vandals defaced a memorial to Vietnam war veterans in Venice – an awful sight on this Memorial Day weekend.

Stewart Oscars welled up as he looked at the vandalized mural located on Pacific Avenue near Sunset Court. It was covered in graffiti from end to end.

“This knocked me out. So sickening. Just sadness…think of all these people. They’re gone,” Oscars said. “I remember the Vietnam war and how friends went to war, and bodies came back. Somehow, it has to be taught that this is not a good idea. This is actually stupid.”

The memorial was dedicated to service members who were listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War.

George Francisco is the Vice President of the Venice Chamber of Commerce. He also runs a nonprofit called Veterans Foundation Incorporated.

“It’s a desecration. I mean it’s very simple. There’s no sort of other way around it. It isn’t graffiti,” Francisco said.

In March, Francisco helped to bring a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Venice Beach. His father was a combat veteran in that war and also helped organize the effort to put up the mural in the late 1980’s.

……People on this street said the memorial was tagged a few days ago. They said the graffiti matches some of the other ones in the neighborhood.

There’s no doubt that the local gutter-dwellers know who they are. Not that anyone will tell.

Some assholes in Virginia went digging around in a Civil War battlefield, searching for relics:

The National Park Service says the Petersburg National Battlefield has apparently has been looted.

Jeffrey Olson, and agency spokesman, said in a news release Friday that numerous excavations were found at the Civil War battlefield last week. Olson said by phone that because of the ongoing investigation, he could not say how many excavations were found, or whether the excavations were done by hand or machine.

He says thieves were probably looking for relics. The incident is under investigation.

Petersburg National Battlefield is a 2,700-acre park marks where more than 1,000 Union and Confederate Soldiers died fighting during the Siege of Petersburg 151 years ago.

In Cedar Falls Iowa:

Vandals struck over the holiday weekend, damaging the less-than-year-old Freedom Rock in Cedar Falls.

Black spray paint covered a portion of the large painted rock at Cedar Falls Veterans Park on Waterloo Road. The vandalism likely occurred late Saturday or early Sunday.

Tom Hagarty, commander of the Cedar Falls American Legion No. 237, said the vandals also struck other areas around the park — a fence at a neighboring home and a utility box at the edge of the park.

“Visitors I have encountered so far as just so disappointed,” Hagarty said.

The vandalism is on the side of the rock with Taylor Morris’ drawing. A neighbor’s fence on nearby Bluff Street was also sprayed as was a utility box near the park.

The rock includes images of the Five Sullivan Brothers killed in World War II, Medal of Honor winner Robert Hibbs of Cedar Falls, a U.S. Army second lieutenant killed in Vietnam in 1966, and Taylor Morris, a U.S. Navy explosive ordnance disposal expert who survived a bomb blast in Afghanistan despite losing portions of all four limbs. It also bears an image of veterans and people of various generations saluting the flag.

It was painted by Greenfield artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen II, who’s hoping to locate a Freedom Rock in every county in the state.

It was completed last year and dedicated last November.

Cedar Falls police and parks department officials have been notified and the investigation continues. Hagarty said Sunday that the parks department will coordinate the cleanup. A Memorial Day ceremony at the park Sunday night went on as planned.

There’s no shortage of fuckwads who do that kind of shit for sport.  That says a lot about their lineage.

43 RINOS Join Dems’ Political ‘Transgender’ Agenda (UPDATED)

At least 130 Republicans grew a pair.


Last night, I reported on how House leaders allowed Democrats to insert a provision to the Energy-Water Appropriations bill allowing bureaucrats to discriminate against businesses that don’t adhere to the newly-minted national religion of transgenderism. The amendment, from Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY), would codify Obama’s executive order 13672 making transgenderism the law of the land. Pasted below this article are the names of the 43 Republicans who voted for that amendment, which would have codified language from Obama’s sexual identity executive order into law.*

This morning conservatives struck down the amendment by voting down the underlying Energy-Water spending bill.  As we noted before, the bill to begin with was problematic because it increased spending and continued funding for a number of green energy programs.  Now that this bill would forever lay down the marker that Republicans are okay with making transgenderism a legitimate national religion codified into law, it was incumbent upon conservatives to vote it down.

Thankfully, 130 Republicans bucked party leadership and voted down the bill.  Click here for the list of 106 Republicans who still voted for this bill, which not only increased spending, it mandated Obama’s transgender agenda.  It was enough to defeat the bill because Democrats, who successfully got their message across with the transgender amendment, still opposed the bill.  Evidently, a bill that spends $2.8 billion more on the Department of Energy than the Pelosi-era Congress is not enough for them.

The eternal lesson that should be gleaned from this is that moral clarity matters.  In many respects, this vote is emblematic of the conservative predicament in elections.  It’s not better to vote for the lesser of two evils.  It is better in the long run for the American people to see that one side stands for moral and intellectual clarity.  Having elements of even the “conservative party” legitimize the most extreme, illogical, and licentious agenda of the Left damages our prospects of successfully defeating their agenda in the long term.  Thus, it was better to join with the Democrats and defeat the underlying GOP spending bill than “beat the Democrats” on spending (albeit still spend more than the Pelosi era Congress).

The message to GOP leaders both in legislative and electoral fights is this: if you live by Democrats votes you will die by Democrat votes.  The false choice of the lesser of two evils in terms of legislation or candidates is what has brought us to the brink of cultural and economic Marxism.


Original story:

And they wonder why Donald Trump strikes a chord with angry, fed up Americans.

From The Daily Signal.

On Wednesday night, 43 Republican members of Congress joined the Democrats to vote for Barack Obama’s transgender agenda.

Whereas last week Congress voted to reject this proposal—known as the Maloney amendment—last night they voted to ratify Obama’s 2014 executive order barring federal contractors from what it describes as “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation and gender identity” in their private employment policies.

And, of course, “discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity” can be something as simple as having a bathroom policy based on biological sex, not gender identity, as we learned last week from Obama’s transgender directives. And “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation” can be something as reasonable as an adoption agency preferring married moms and dads for orphans, than other arrangements.

Indeed, in the past few weeks we’ve seen additional examples of what counts as “discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity.”

The New York City Commission on Human Rights issued official legal guidance saying employers can be fined up to $250,000 for not addressing employees by the pronoun of their choice—including pronouns such as “ze” and “hir.” As UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh explains, this would require “employers and businesses to prevent [the use of “wrong” pronouns] by co-workers and patrons and not just by themselves or their own employees.”

  • A public school district in Oregon paid a teacher $60,000 because colleagues declined to use the pronoun “they” to describe the teacher. The teacher, Leo Soell, does “not identify as male or female but rather transmasculine and genderqueer, or androgynous.” As Volokh explains: “Soell wants people to call Soell ‘they,’ and submitted a complaint to the school district objecting (in part) that other schoolteachers engaged in ‘harassment’ by, among other things, ‘refusing to call me by my correct name and gender to me or among themselves’ (emphasis added).”
  • The 4th Circuit Court has said a Virginia school district must allow bathroom access based on “gender identity” not biology. The school district created a policy that says bathroom and locker room access is primarily based on biology, while also creating accommodations for transgender students: only biological girls can use the girls’ room, only biological boys can use the boys’ room, and any student can use one of the three single-occupancy bathrooms, which the school created specifically to accommodate transgender students. But the court said this commonsense policy was itself “discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity.”

Congress should not be ratifying Obama’s radical transgender agenda and imposing these outcomes on private employers just because they contract with the government.

All Americans should be free to contract with the government without penalty because of their reasonable beliefs about contentious issues. The federal government should not use government contracting to reshape civil society about controversial issues that have nothing to do with the federal contract at stake.

Obama’s executive order and the Maloney amendment treat conscientious judgments about behavior as if they were invidious acts of discrimination akin to racism or sexism.

But sexual orientation and gender identity are not like race. Indeed , sexual orientation and gender identity are unclear, ambiguous terms. They can refer to voluntary behaviors as well as thoughts and inclinations, and it is reasonable for employers to make distinctions based on actions.

By contrast, “race” and “sex” clearly refer to traits, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, these traits (unlike voluntary behaviors) do not affect fitness for any job.

Congress tried to minimize the damage of the Maloney amendment with two provisions last night. One provision, introduced by Rep. Joe Pitts, R-Pa., amended the Maloney amendment to say that it couldn’t violate the U.S. Constitution. Another provision, the Byrne Amendment, attempted to attach existing religious liberty protections to the bill. Neither adequately protects against the damage of Maloney.

Liberal activist judges will do all they can to ensure that sexual orientation and gender identity policies will trump religious liberty protections.

This is why Congress should not be elevating sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected class garnering special legal privileges.

Here is a list of the 43 Republicans who voted for the amendment:

Justin Amash, Mich.
Susan Brooks, Ind.
Mike Coffman, Colo.
Ryan Costello, Pa.
Carlos Curbelo, Fla.
Rodney Davis, Ill.
Jeff Denham, Calif.
Charlie Dent, Pa.
Mario Diaz-Balart, Fla.
Bob Dold, Ill.
Daniel Donovan, N.Y.
Tom Emmer, Minn.
Michael Fitzpatrick, Pa.
Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J.
Chris Gibson, N.Y.
Joe Heck, Nev.
Will Hurd, Texas
Darrell Issa, Calif.
David Jolly, Fla.
John Katko, N.Y.
Adam Kinzinger, Ill.
Leonard Lance, N.J.
Frank LoBiondo, N.J.
Tom MacArthur, N.J.
Martha McSally, Ariz.
Pat Meehan, Pa.
Luke Messer, Ind.
Erik Paulsen, Minn.
Bruce Poliquin, Maine
Tom Reed, N.Y.
David Reichert, Wash.
Jim Renacci, Ohio
Tom Rooney, Fla.
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla.
John Shimkus, Ill.
Elise Stefanik, N.Y.
Fred Upton, Mich.
David Valadao, Calif.
Greg Walden, Ore.
Mimi Walters, Calif.
David Young, Iowa
Todd Young, Ind.
Lee Zeldin, N.Y.


I’ve already contacted my Congressman, Jim Renacci, and told him I would not be voting for his worthless ass anymore.

The hideous nature of making ‘gender identity’ a protected class violates every principle this country was founded on.  It’s part and parcel of their cultural fascism. The DemProgs  politicize and legislate depravity in order to shove it down our throats.   A prime example: the libtards at the Charlotte Observer think little girls should ‘overcome discomfort at the sight of male genitalia in restrooms.’

Guess young girls should also get over the discomfort of being attacked, sexually assaulted, harassed, confronted by peeping Toms, predators, pedophiles, and assorted other perverts.

Here’s an idea:  Let the assholes who voted for that garbage expose their own children to the deranged shitbags who want to use a public restroom that coincides with their  ‘gender identity’, and see how that works out.

They want every sexual dysfunction sanctioned by the rest of the culture.

Count me out.



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Snowflake: DePaul Professor Resigns, Feelings Hurt Over Free Speech

From Twitchy.

Milo Yiannopoulos’ recent speech at DePaul University sparked quite an uproar as Black Lives Matter activists stormed the stage and threatened violence. Campus personnel have tried their best to protect special snowflakes upset by exposure to words they don’t like from any further trauma.

One DePaul professor was so horrified — not by the threats of violence against Yiannopoulos but by the fact he was allowed to speak on campus — that she’s decided to go seek a safe space elsewhere according to a post on her Facebook page:


depaul professer


The post no longer appears at Cheng’s page, though it’s unclear whether she sent the letter to school administrators.


LMAO! The little cupcake will have to scurry off to a ‘safespace‘ from the ‘microagression‘ of the Constitution.



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