While You’re Being Distracted by Riots in Ferguson, Obama’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Fails Continue

If you can tear yourself away from the sensationalistic bullshit in Ferguson, Missouri for a minute,  there are more important issues that have been placed on the media’s back burner.

For  instance:

Obama is still churning out unconstitutional executive orders behind closed doors, breaking the law, and abusing power on a daily basis.

He’s still interfering with FOIA requests.

The underlings in charge of the ObamaCare train wreck are deleting incriminating emails like they were instructed to do by the HHS.

The White House is stonewalling on the ObamaCare website security flaws.

Iraq and Afghanistan are still imploding, thanks to his dicked up foreign policy.

The muzzie terrorist threat still looms, internally and externally.

Israel has to go it alone against the Hamas, PLO, and Hezbollah excrement in Gaza, because Obama disrespects our only ally in the Middle East,  in favor of kowtowing to our enemies.

Obama has opened our borders an allowed a horde of illegal alien vermin to be dumped into our streets.

The economy sucks; the total unemployment rate is 12.2%

As with most Dems, he’d rather keep his primary voting bloc on welfare and demonize successful business owners  than make policies that create jobs. Welfare rolls, poverty, and food stamp usage are at an all time high.

Crimes committed by the Obama regime which are still unresolved:

IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups,  corruption, and Lois Lerner’s  perjury.

Fast and Furious gunrunning to Mexico.

Holder lied under oath about Fast and Furious and also lied under oath about tapping into reporters’ emails and phones

The DOJ’s illegal tapping into reporters’ emails and phones.

The NSA’s blanket, indiscriminate spying on American citizens.

James Clapper lied under oath.

Hillary Clinton lied before Congress about Benghazi.

Former DHS chief Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano lied under oath, and created a ‘Domestic Threat Assessment‘ that was in fact an ‘Enemies List‘.

The GOP doesn’t have the balls to stop this tyrannical narcissistic sociopath, and the Dems support him at all costs.   The felonies he and his pals committed,  should have earned them an 8×10 cell under Leavenworth.  John Mitchell went to prison and Nixon resigned for less.

Yet, the public at large remains in a stupor, unable to muster the ability to step back and look at the big picture and the damage being done to this country.

Not only are their rights and individual liberties being encroached at an ominous rate, but the national sovereignty and economy has been pummeled by a regime hellbent on fundamentally transforming‘ America into mush.

The population can be broken down into several distinctive categories. It may be simplistic, but it’s fairly accurate.

Upper crust effete liberals (including politicians, media, and corporate) who support leftwing causes as long as they don’t have to deal with the consequences. They also have a dim view of us peons.

GOP slugs who are more interested in getting reelected than telling people what they need to hear and doing what it takes to get this country back on Constitutional ground.

Neither party is willing to cut taxes, decrease spending, and practice sound fiscal responsibility. The national debt is approaching $18 trillion. They’re spending this country into oblivion.

The struggling middle class is too wrapped up in trudging to work every day, taking care of their families and making ends meet to pay attention to the policies that not only affect them but will affect their grand kids.

The union tools and thugs who think the Dems really care (*wink*) about the ‘working class’.

The growing number of fed up Americans (Tea Party) who are denigrated by the Dems and even dismissed by the very Republicans who  should be embracing their principles.

The rank and file low information voter who never bothers to sort fact from fiction, truth from lies, or do a modicum of research about the public official they vote for.

And last but not least, the perpetual welfare slugs who don’t work, won’t work, and never worked; the subculture of (white, black, and Hispanic) gangs, ghetto dwellers, trailer park denizens,  and derelicts who pop out a baby at the rate of one per year, at taxpayer expense.

Americans handed over the keys to the United States to a total SCOAMF.

If you’re not angry (for all the right reasons) you’re not paying attention.



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5 responses to this post.

  1. on a crappy day in january of 2009 a citizen of kenya put his hand on a bible that din’t burn he hand, I knew the country I wore the uniform for to defend the constitution against all enemies FORGEIN or DOMESTIC was fookin’ doom’d…
    wellllll…I was FUCKIN’ right…
    FUCK OBOWMA…an’ his evil twin barry soetoro…

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