The Latest on the Illegal Alien Invasion

Had enough, America?

Thanks for letting us in, Obama.


Violent MS-13 gang recruiting at Arizona facility…

Amnesty, work permits for 5 million could be ordered ‘within weeks’…Visa overstays to be excused…

They know a free ride and collaboration when they see it: “Obama will take care of us”

Diseased vermin on the loose: Illegal alien with drug-resistant TB goes missing.

Illegal alien rapists, murderers, and thieves invade Butler County: Ohio sheriff bills Mexico for the illegals he had to jail.

Even libturds in Massachusetts are protesting Obama’s use of the country as a dumping ground for human excrement:
HUGE protest against illegal immigration in Massachusetts!

More than 200 illegal alien kids dumped in Indiana.

Rahm (“dead fish”) Emanuel says he’ll take them.

Obama plans another dictatorial executive order: (READ: amnesty)
Obama will take executive action on immigration after summer, adviser says

REPORT: People entering illegally far outnumber newborn Americans in TX…

Lt. Gov: 80-85% of Illegals ARE NOT Unaccompanied Kids…

Make sure they’re armed: Gov. Perry deploys 1000 National Guard troops to border.

Feds to spend more than $87 million of taxpayer money to dump illegals around U.S.

Demturd: ‘Punish those against illegal immigration’.


TX AG: ‘Killing, Raping, Robbing’…

Texas Senator: 100,000 illegal alien gangsters in state.

More anchor babies: Border Patrol ordered to release pregnant illegals.

Funds that would secure the border are much less of a priority:  CBO: Only $25 million of the $3.7 billion requested for the border will be spent for that purpose.



DemProg Hubris Reaches New Level: ‘You don’t have a right to know what the government is doing’

If a Republican were in the Oval Office right now, the Dems would be having grand mal seizures over the corruption and secrecy.

From the Washington Examiner.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting congressional delegate for the District of Columbia, angrily sputtered during a congressional hearing Friday that the White House should not be held up to scrutiny, saying that there was no right to know what it was doing behind closed doors.

“You don’t have a right to know everything in a separation-of-powers government, my friend. That is the difference between a parliamentary government and a separation-of-powers government,” Norton said during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.

It was, to put mildly, a significant departure from the more traditional liberal stance that openness and transparency are must to prevent abuses of power by government officials. Instead the leading advocate for statehood for the District of Columbia literally argued that even the congressional committee charged with oversight shouldn’t be asking questions in the first place.

She made the comments while protesting the committee’s Republican majority for voting to ignore a claim by the White House that David Simas, director of its Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, was immune to a congressional subpoena to testify. Republicans believe the office is being used a political campaign operation, a violation of federal election law.

Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., noted he was not alleging any wrongdoing by Simas, but there was a history of violations involving that particular office in prior administrations that justified requesting his testimony.

Under Obama, the White House has asserted sweeping executive powers, including the right to ignore pretty much all congressional inquiries. The administration has regularly ignored subpoenas from congressional committees.

……”The president’s immediate advisor is not an agency and this is not a matter of policy,” she said, before going to further clarify that we “don’t have a right to know” everything that the administration does.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., top ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee, thanked Holmes for her comments.

“I associate myself with your comments,” Cummings added, thus making it clear that he doesn’t believe the public has right to know what is going on inside the White House either.

Just a reminder: Holmes is the same scrunt who took part in walking out on the the families of Obama’s Benghazi failure, and shook down a lobbyist for money.

Cummings is the same douchebag who received illicit emails from IRS corruptocrat Lois Lerner regarding information about True The Vote, an anti-voter fraud organization; just one of the groups Lerner targeted.

Both are listed as members of the Socialist Party Caucus.

Dems concocted the entire ObamaCare disaster behind closed doors and away from public debate. Behind closed doors, Obama signed the bill allowing $7 trillion to be added to the national debt.  White House spokes-tools held a behind closed doors press briefing to give bullshit talking points  on Benghazi.  Obama negotiated payoffs and tax exemptions with union thugs behind closed doors.

In 2010, the most “transparent” administration in American history  abolished the position dedicated to transparency and passed those duties to a partisan hack who is openly antagonistic to the notion of disclosure by government and politicians.

The masses are not privy to the policy agendas of The State.  You’re not on the ‘need to know’ list because you’re too stupid to grasp the complicated  intricacies of government.

I’m going to remember this shit with a vengeance. The next time a Republican president engages in behind-closed doors decision making, I will remind assholes like Holmes -Norton that it’s none of her goddamned business.

Had enough, America?



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Picture of the Day: Keep This in Mind When DemTurds Say ‘America’s doors should be wide open’

Hat tip to Western Journalism.

Wide open for muzzie terrorists

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University of Wisconsin (Madison) Plans Race-Based Grading Standards

My gawd, just when you thought leftwingnut academic intelligentsia can’t get more aberrant.


MADISON, Wisc. – It sounds crazy on its face, but then again one comes to expect that from UW-Madison. But are they crazy enough to do race-based grading.

W. Lee Hansen, a professor emeritus of economics at UW-Madison wrote in an op-ed piece for the John William Hope Pope Center for Higher Education, a North Carolina-based think tank, about the latest “diversity” plan for the UW-System’s flagship school. The plan, completed in May, is your typical left-wing platitudes about commitments to “compositional diversity,” “equity mindedness” “representational equity” and other things for what has become a sacred cow to liberal academia.

But when you dig deeper into the definitions of these platitudes according to Hansen, you suddenly see that “representational equity” is being applied to levels never before seen.

“Let us take a closer look at one of these working definitions included, namely “representational equity.”

It calls for “proportional participation of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups at all levels of an institution, including high status special programs, high-demand majors, and in the distribution of grades.”

We are not told exactly what adherence to this will entail. It appears to mean that directors of programs and departmental chairs will have to somehow ensure that they have a mix of students with just the right percentages of individuals who embody the various “differences” included in the definition of diversity. I cannot see how that is possible and even if it were, how it improves any student’s education.”

Get all that?

UW-Madison’s diversity guidelines state that if a course, major or program is in high demand, special status must be given to ensure the make-up of the class (and thus those taking the major) is racially and ethnically diverse with “just the right percentages.” Meaning, it would be justifiable for a placement in hard-to-get-in classes and prerequisites for specific majors be awarded to students based sole on their race.

But it may be worse than that.

“Especially shocking is the language about “equity” in the distribution of grades. Professors, instead of just awarding the grade that each student earns, would apparently have to adjust them so that academically weaker, “historically underrepresented racial/ethnic” students perform at the same level and receive the same grades as academically stronger students.

At the very least, this means even greater expenditures on special tutoring for weaker targeted minority students. It is also likely to trigger a new outbreak of grade inflation, as professors find out that they can avoid trouble over “inequitable” grade distributions by giving every student a high grade.”

In short, the new diversity requirements seem to say that campus commitment to diversity is so important that the grading system itself must be sacrificed. This would mean, according to Hansen and others, an environment now exists where academic performance no longer matters. That for the diversity crowd, all that seems to be of value would be that “historically underrepresented racial/ethnic” students be awarded “equitable” grades to their counterparts, regardless.

Madison is so preoccupied with racial deference, that it holds taxpayer-funded “white privilege” conferences,  to train teachers how to annihilate “white privilege” and “white supremacy” in American schools. In other words, if you’re caucasian you better check your privilege, “whitey”.

The entitlement culture will always expect a hand out, and the LibProgs will always be there to give it to them. Why work hard and earn accomplishments when you can get it handed to you? That’s the message to blacks and Hispanics. The bigotry of low expectations.  Set the bar lower to accommodate a perverted idea of ‘reparations’. Your color entitles you to special treatment, unless you’re ‘white’, then you’re “racist” “privileged”, and guilty for the maltreatment—real or imagined—of minorities.  I got the college grades I deserved. I worked hard and made the Dean’s List twice. No professor gave me any slack because of my skin color.

The University of Wisconsin’s dumbed-down education is one more nail in the coffin of academic standards in America, in the name of “diversity”.

Paging Holder: Here’s Your Homegrown Extremist

Eric Holder, the Attorney General with selective prosecutorial bias and misconduct, claims he has a lot of ‘sleepless nights’ over the threat of ‘homegrown violent extremists’, who are ‘motivated by domestic concerns’. For the uninitiated, that’s a dog whistle for racism; if you’re angry over Obama’s socialist train wreck, you’re “racist”.

Newsflash, pal.  You need to scrutinize these extremist groups before you lose another sleepless night:

From Fox News.

Federal agents have arrested a man the Irish government calls a suspect in the abduction, torture and killing of two Irish soldiers serving as United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon 34 years ago.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Tuesdsay arrested Mahmoud Bazzi at his home in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn. The agency arrested Bazzi for “administrative immigration violations” and not directly in connection to the killings in Lebanon, spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told The Associated Press. She said he would be held “pending removal proceedings.”

While not specifically citing the accusations against Bazzi in his native Lebanon, Gillian said the Department of Homeland Security “is committed to rooting out alleged human rights violators who seek a safe haven in the United States.”

“ICE’s Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center investigates human rights violators who try to evade justice by seeking shelter in the United States, including those who have participated in war crimes and acts of genocide, torture, the use of child soldiers and extrajudicial killings,” she said in an email.

Before his arrest, Bazzi denied killing Derek Smallhorne and Thomas Barrett, telling the Detroit Free Press he once falsely confessed to the slayings because he feared a Lebanese militia would kill him unless he lied.

“I am innocent,” he said. “I had nothing to do with that.”

Irish Defense Minister Simon Coveney welcomed Bazzi’s arrest and said Ireland has continually pursued the case with Lebanese and U.S. authorities over the years.

“I hope this is the start of a process to bring to justice the alleged perpetrator of what was a heinous crime, the torture and murder of two innocent Irish peacekeepers,” Coveney said in a statement.

Dearborn, Michigan has become quite a muslim extremist enclave , with Islamic jihad centers and mosques that are breeding grounds for terrorism. The main mosque in Dearborn, the Islamic Center of America,  is run by Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini, who has considerable ties to Hezbollahinvited Nation of Islam’s lunatic Louis Farrakhan to speak, and openly advocates terrorism.

‘Homegrown’ extremists with foreign ties like The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Jamaat Al Fuqura, and the Arab-American Action Network,  operate carte blanche within our bordersNidal Hasan was a homegrown extremist.

The domestic threat from muzzie terrorist cells has grown exponentially since their advocate was installed in the White House.

Sleep tight, Holder.



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