Picture of the Day: Obama Halloween Decoration

From KBOI2 Idaho.

Obama Halloween head makes statement for homeowner

Of course, the libturds are having grand mal seizures. If it were GWs head displayed like that, they wouldn’t make a peep.

The Dems’ War on Women: Dem Senator Insists Pakistan, Afghanistan ‘Better for Women’

Obviously, this scrunt needs a taste of Sharia Law in any one of the Islamic  nation-states (pick one) that she feels is “better for women”.

From Frontpage Magazine.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, appointed to her position via Senator Schumer as a favor for a politically connected clan, changed all her political positions and is working hard to pretend that she’s a serious legislator.

Mainly by repeating stupid things that other people have said.

The most animated speaker was Gillibrand, who condemned opposition to expanding paid family leave across the country.

The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act would establish a national paid family and medical leave insurance program so workers would not have to choose between a paycheck and caring for themselves or a family member, said Gillibrand.

“In every other industrialized, wealthy country in the world they have paid leave,” the senator said.  “Europe has up to six months. Even Afghanistan and Pakistan have paid leave, but we do not have paid leave in this country, and because of that when forced to meet a family need, an urgent care need, often times women are forced to leave the workplace because they cannot take that time off unpaid.”

Industrialized? Is that what she thinks Pakistan and Afghanistan are? Last I checked, they were third world cesspools with dystopian Islamic societies.

……Liberals never seem to realize that just because Third World Failed State #44 ratified their UN Treaty on the Protection of the Rights of Transsexual Penguins and added the laws to the books doesn’t mean that those laws mean anything or apply to people.

Every dictatorship has signed on to a dozen human rights treaties.

None of which they’ve honored.

This POS would never subject herself to the oppressive misogyny and maltreatment under the muzzie regimes she praises.

She’s on par with another Dem turd, Patty Murray (D-WA), who thought muzzie thug Osama Bin Laden was one of the greatest equal rights advocates on the planet:

Sen. Patty Murray — never known as one of the sharpest tools in the drawer — was having a casual chat with honor students at a Vancouver, Washington high school on December 18 when this Democrat unleashed a series of real whoppers about Osama bin Laden. “Why are people so supportive of him in many countries?” she asked. “He has been in many countries that are riddled with poverty…He’s been out in these countries for decades building roads, building schools, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful.”

Sen. Murray was digging herself a public-relations hole, carrying on as if al-Qaeda was an appendage of the Salvation Army serving kids breakfast, earnest servants of the poor who just happen to be killers in their spare time. Not even Osama would dare flood al-Jazeera with this sap. Plain and simple, the liberal democrat from Washington was making it all up as she went along, going above and beyond the al-Qaeda public-relations line.

But then she dug even further. Murray placed the apparently compassionate superstar terrorist on a higher moral plane than the United States. While Osama allegedly built hospitals and day care centers, “We have not done that. We haven’t been out in many of these countries helping them build infrastructure. How would they look at us today if we had been there helping them with some of that, rather than just being the people who are going to bomb in Iraq and go to Afghanistan?”

The U.S. dumps billions of dollars in aid across the Islamic-infected Middle East every year.   Hamas, the PLO, and the Muslim Brotherhood thugs are beneficiaries of their pal B. Hussein Obama’s generosity with our tax dollars.

Most of that money doesn’t go for ‘day care centers’, infrastructure, and to improve the lives of their citizens, especially women. It goes to fund their jihad against the West, line their pockets, and keep their regimes in power.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are great for women, if you prefer stonings, beatings, maiming, beheadings, “honor killings”, rape, attempted murder and genital mutilation, in accordance with a violent theocracy that justifies those atrocities with their koran.

C’mon Kirsten, buy a one-way ticket to Afghanistan and take advantage of the ‘paid leave’.  Jackass.



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Picture of the Day: Disrespect and Obama’s Latte Salute

obama latte salute

Grand Jury Witness: Michael Brown Did Not Have His Hands Up (UPDATED)


Police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson MO told investigators he was pinned in vehicle and feared for his life…

‘Brown reached for gun’…

Evidence ‘does not support civil rights charges’…

Never let the facts get in the way of a racial brawl.

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

A stream of eyewitnesses has been testifying in secret before a grand jury considering whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown near the Canfield Green apartments in Ferguson.
One Canfield resident — who said he saw the killing of Brown from start to finish and talked to the grand jury recently — has given the Post-Dispatch an account with some key differences from previous public statements from other witnesses.
Among the recollections of the witness, who agreed to an interview on the condition that his name not be used, were:
• After an initial scuffle in the car, the officer did not fire until Brown turned back toward him.
• Brown put his arms out to his sides but never raised his hands high.
• Brown staggered toward Wilson despite commands to stop.
• The two were about 20 to 25 feet apart when the last shots were fired.
He would not detail what he had told the grand jury but said the members seemed fair and asked a lot of questions.

The stupid-assed “hands up, don’t shoot” crap is another one of those snarky little hashtag memes concocted by thugs and their leftie agitators. It sells T-shirts, becomes fodder for rap, it’s used as a ‘troof ta powa’ chant, and choreographed as maudlin sophomoric tripe for ‘social justice’.

Brown had just robbed a store and assaulted the clerk just minutes before he was stopped by the cop, whom he also assaulted before he was shot. He had a juvenile arrest record which involved being named in a second degree murder case, but a judge refused to release it.

Apparently, dead black juvenile delinquents are more privileged than dead white juvenile delinquents:

No one else has standing to keep those documents privileged and confidential except Brown who is dead. There is, in fact, Missouri Supreme Court precedent that confirms that the moment Brown died his juvenile records revert to public documents.

The facts of the case are eerily similar to those that took place with Brown and Ferguson. William L. Halstead, a white, 18-year-old stole a packet of cigarettes. A security guard beat him so hard he broke his neck, became paralyzed, and died 19 days later. Halstead’s juvenile arrest record was released as part of a wrongful death suit filed by his family, much to their protestation. It went to the appellate court held and then stopped. Later the Missouri Supreme Court adopted the appellate court’s reasoning in a case in 1990 (State v. Mahurin).

So why won’t the St. Louis County court follow the Missouri Supreme Court?

Why is that the records of dead blacks cannot be released but those of dead whites may be—at least according to the St. Louis County?

What could be more racist?

Justice is about developing standards and those standards must endure for all time, in all places, and ought to govern all citizens.

A pattern was established in the juvenile records of both Brown and Halstead.   Both had adopted criminal activity as a lifestyle, but in the case of Brown, his was withheld under the accusation of “racism” and manipulated for political convenience by vile little turds like Al Sharpton.




FYI: The First Slave Owner in America was Black

Aside from selling their own people into slavery and running a slave market in Africa, where it still exists, there were blacks who participated in the slave trade in early America. I’ve read about slavery though the ages, but this is a part of American history that few people realize. I just came across this information while on a comment thread on Gateway Pundit.

Meet Anthony Johnson.


H/T to topconservativenews.com

Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held. Upon their release they were granted 50 acres of land. This included any Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon their release.

Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on the farm.

When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.

Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacks to own slave of their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the first slave owner.

Whites still could not legally hold a black servant as an indefinite slave until 1670. In that year, the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting free whites, blacks, and Indians the right to own blacks as slaves.

By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. This was the first effort to gently repatriate free blacks back to Africa. The modern nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia both originated as colonies of repatriated former black slaves.

However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States.

By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.

Slavery was known in almost every other ancient civilization, including Egypt, China, Assyria, Abyssinia, West Africa, India, Greece, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate, and the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas.

Funny how facts like this never make it into the dumbed-down liberal history texts.



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