American Muzzie Radical Targets Homosexual Men, Media Strangely Silent

This won’t get widespread outrage because the perp isn’t a straight, white Christian male.

From Hot Air.

Ali Muhammad Brown was already a suspect in the murder of three Seattle men when he shot 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin eight times at a West Orange traffic light in his home state of New Jersey in June.

Brown is described as a devout Muslim man who killed as part of what prosecutors allege was a “bloody crusade” against the United States. He sought revenge against America for what he said was the wanton killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tevlin was allegedly Brown’s fourth victim.

Brown’s victims, with the exception of Tevlin, had a similar background: they were young, gay men.

Brown met two of his victims at a gay-themed Seattle nightclub. Court documents indicate that Brown used a mobile application to set up meetings with his two victims before committing a double homicide. Brown is also implicated in the murder of a third man whose body was found on a highway outside Seattle in April, KIRO-TV Seattle reported.

Brown’s homicides made news in June, but his story fell off the radar until Wednesday when King County prosecutors charged him with murder. Brown’s prosecutors made it clear that the accused killer’s motives were to terrorize, though he did appear to operate according to a perverse code of conduct:

“In a subsequent July 25 recorded interview in New Jersey, [King County sheriff’s Detective John] Pavlovich wrote, Brown described his idea of a ‘just kill,’ in which the target was an adult male unaccompanied by women, children or elderly people,” CBS News reported.

……Brown may eventually face federal and/or state-level terrorism charges, but few press accounts of his attacks – most of them in local outlets — state clearly that Islamic jihadist ideology inspired him. “All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life,” court documents allege Brown said of United States actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He targeted gay men specifically for their sexual orientation in the name of Islamic jihad; which makes it both a terrorist act and a hate crime.

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Egyptian Feminist Decorates ISIS Flag With Bodily Functions

I bet the muzzies have already put a price on her head.

Via Breitbart.

Egyptian feminist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, 23, challenges the strict nature of Islam on her blog and Facebook pages. She went a step further in her protest against the Islamic State (IS) with a photo of Elmahdy and a veiled woman pooping and menstruating on the black IS flag.
Arab nations did not print the photo because the flag states “there is no God but Allah.” Elmahdy did not explain why she took the photo, but she protests Islamic laws, and IS implements strict Sharia Law. Women must wear full veils and not leave the house without a male relative. The jihadists have even forced shopkeepers to fully veil all mannequins. In Raqqa, Syria, an Islamic State stronghold, a crowd stoned two women to death for allegedly committing adultery.

Now, that’s “performance art” I can agree with. It’s crude, but effective and altogether appropriate for a rag that represents a violent theocracy masquerading as a “religion”. That’s the best use I’ve seen for a muzzie flag, yet.

Photo here:

Terrorist Who Killed James Foley ID’d as British Rapper

He’s down wit his muzzie homies.

From Fox News.

Adel Majid Abdel Bary, a 23-year-old British-born rapper, is the leading suspect in the killing. His background as middle-class and educated is consistent with the new generation of digital jihadists, sources say.

FBI and British authorities have been conducting forensic analysis on the video’s audio, studying its “audioprint” in a multi-layered approach. Secondary analysis is also being conducted on his pattern of speech, flesh tone and his left-handedness.

“Both the British intelligence service and FBI want a high degree of confidence in the match because lethal force is on the table,” a U.S. counterterrorism source told Fox News.

Foley, 40, was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the Syrian uprising. The Islamic State group, formerly known as ISIS, posted a video online last week showing his killing. Foley’s captors demanded $132.5 million from his parents and political concessions from Washington.

‘Lethal force’, as in the occasional drone strike which may get specific terrorists but does nothing to kill them enmasse.

Ferguson Tells Jesse to Get Lost

My gawd, a moment of clarity amid the race-baiting shit.

From Western Journalism.

Naturally, with a black man being shot in Ferguson, Missouri, it was only a matter of time before Jesse Jackson made his appearance.

But this time, the Reverend didn’t quite think out his strategy; and when he pulled out his bullhorn, the protesters ran him out of town for asking for donations to his church.

The race-hustling team of Jesse and Al has been using crime as a conduit for personal gain racial exploitation for decades. That’s how they make their living. Now, all of a sudden the black community gets a real taste of what they’re all about and they’re shocked.



Union Thugs Threaten “Top Chef” Cast

Threats, violence, and epithets are the union’s way of saying “good morning”.

Hat tip to Ace of Spades.

From the Boston Herald:

According to, the Teamsters threw up a picket line while the hit TV cooking competition was filming at the Steel & Rye restaurant in Milton. The union types were miffed because Bravo was using production assistants to drive their cars and not the union. When “Top Chef” star Padma Lakshmi arrived on the set, picketers called her a “(fucking) whore,” our source confirmed, and threatened to “bash that pretty face in.”

The picketers lobbed sexist, racist and homophobic slurs at the rest of the cast and crew for most of the day, the website reported, and when production wrapped, the “Top Chef” crew found that tires were slashed on 14 of their cars. Milton police confirmed that the union members were “threatening, heckling and harassing” but said no arrests were made.

……“She got of her car in front of the location and quickly ran through the picket line,” a source said. “They were yelling, ‘You bitch! You slut! We’re gonna get you!’ It went on like that all day.”

They also slashed tires, just because.

The way unions behave, you’d think they’d be classified as ‘domestic terrorists'; if only they met Obama’s criteria.

Alternative media like Hot Air published the story, but you won’t see hide nor hair of it it the main stream media. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

As Ace concluded:

When there’s misbehavior within the Democrat coalition, the media gets very, very quiet indeed.




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